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Special Study Programs

To meet the needs of individual students, Carleton offers a wide variety of special programs including opportunities for independent and interdisciplinary work and off-campus studies. Students expecting credit for participation in an off-campus program, whether in the United States or abroad, during the academic year or the summer, should check with the Off-Campus Studies Office, Leighton 119, for procedures, required forms and applications, and deadlines.

Off-Campus Studies

68 percent of the class of '04 participated in off-campus study during their years at Carleton. Carleton offers a changing selection of 10-11 seminars and two winter break programs every year, conducted by Carleton faculty in the United States and abroad. In addition, the College co-sponsors 17 other programs and approves participation of students in 80 programs from other institutions. Other options are available to students through a special request procedure.

Carleton Off-Campus Seminars

Carleton seminars offer a related group of courses conducted by Carleton faculty for Carleton students, using the resources of a site other than the Northfield campus. Students are selected by application two to three terms preceding the actual program. Students pay the Carleton comprehensive fee, which covers room, board, tuition, plus excursions and social events at the program site. Transportation to the site, books, and personal expenses are the responsibility of each student. Financial aid applies to these and all other off-campus study program approved by the College. During the 2005-2006 academic year, the following programs will be part of the Carleton curriculum. A brochure is available for each program in Leighton 119.


Residing at Hughes Hall of Cambridge University, students will study British Economics, past and present. Numerous excursions, including the Midlands, Greenwich, Coventry, Stonehenge, and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-on-Avon, will expand the classroom study.

Director: Michael Hemesath, Professor of Economics

Courses: ECON 221-07 Contemporary British Economy, 6 credits

ECON 222-07 The Industrial Revolution in Britain, 3 credits

ECON 223-07 The Life of J.M. Keynes, 4 credits, S/CR/NC

ECON 224-07 Economics of Multinational Corporations, 3 credits

ENGLISH SEMINAR IN IRELAND, summer term, 18 credits

Irish poetry, fiction, and drama will be the subjects of study while students explore the past and contemporary Ireland in Dublin, Belfast, Galway, and Louisburgh. Students will enjoy frequent excursions throughout Ireland, in addition to classroom and recreational facilities at three Irish universities.

Director: Greg Hewett, Associate Professor of English

Courses: ENGL 290-17 Directed Reading, 6 credits, S/CR/NC

ENGL 349-07 Modern Irish Poetry, Fiction and Drama, 6 credits

ENGL 384-07 James Joyce's Ulysses, 6 credits

geology seminar in italy, fall term, 16 credits

Intensive geology program based in Coldigioco in Northern Apennines mountains range in the Marches region. The Osservatorio contains classrooms, labs, library, computer room, dormitories, and dining hall. Geology of Italy, basin analysis, and event stratigraphy courses are augmented by field observation, independent study, extensive field work, and lab analysis, Also features camping and authentic Italian cuisine. Weekend independent travel possible.

Director: Cameron Davidson, Associate Professor of Geology

Courses: GEOL 240-07 Field Observational Skills, 6 credits

GEOL 241-07 Geology of Italy, 3 credits

GEOL 242-07 Basin Analysis, 3 credits

GEOL 243-07 Event Stratigraphy, 2 credits

GEOL 291-07 Independent Study, 2 credits

Spanish Seminar in Madrid, fall term, 18 credits

Spanish language program for advanced students, based in Madrid's Universidad Complutense. Course work focuses on providing a comprehensive view of Spanish literature, history and art. Homestays, group excursions, and participation in lecture series, theater programs, music and art seminars.

Director: Jorge Brioso, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Courses: SPAN 290-17 Directed Reading, 2 credits, S/CR/NC

SPAN 209-07 Exploring Spanish Culture, 6 credits

SPAN 247-07 Spanish Art from El Greco to Picasso, 4 credits

SPAN 351-07 Spanish Film and the City, 6 credits

biogeoscience seminar in australia, winter term, 16 credits

The main goal of the program is to explore ecological and geological features of coastal environments in order to understand how natural and anthropogenic disturbances are impacting these systems. Fieldwork is the essential part of the program. Shorelines, rocky intertidal areas, the Great Barrier Reef, and the rain forests will be the classroom. Variety of lodging at research stations, dorms, hostels, and camping.

Directors: Clinton Cowan, Associate Professor of Geology

Phil Camill, Associate Professor of Biology

Courses: BIOL/GEOL 283-07 Coastal Studies in Biogeoscience, 6 credits

BIOL/GEOL 284-07 Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances of Australian Coastal Environments, 6 credits

BIOL/GEOL 290-07 Directed Readings in Coastal Studies, 4 credits, S/CR/NC

Social and cultural field Research seminar in guatemala, winter term, 18 credits

Through coursework and independent research, this program provides students with the opportunity to examine issues of cultural empowerment, community development, and social change in Guatemala. The program is based in the western highland city of Quetzaltenago and surrounding highland village communities. The program includes family stays, program seminars, and independent field projects. The last two weeks will be spent in Chiapas, Mexico to provide an important comparative case for the coursework.

Director: Beverly Nagel, Professor of Sociology/Anthropology

Courses: SOAN/LTAM 241-07: Field Research Methods, 4 credits

SOAN 205-07 Indigenous Language Instruction, 2 credits, S/CR/NC

SOAN 295-07 Independent Field Project, 6 credits

SOAN 290-17 Directed Reading, 2 credits

SPANISH SEMINAR IN Puebla MEXICO, winter term, 16 credits

Students live with Mexican families and study language and literature at the Universidad de las Américas (UDLA) in Cholula (Puebla). The program includes frequent weekend excursions and day trips including trips to Oaxaca, Mexico City, Cuetzala, Taxco and Acapulco.

Director: Silvia L. Lόpez, Associate Professor of Spanish

Courses: SPAN 206-07 Conversation and Composition, 6 credits

SPAN 246-07 Introduction to Mexican Literature: The Twentieth Century, 6 credits, RAD

SPAN 290-17 Directed Reading, 4 credits

french studies seminar in mali, winter term, 18 credits

French language and Malian culture program enabling students to experience life in both the capital city of Bamako through home stay, and in rural areas during excursions to several important medieval historic sites. Courses offered in French on literature, film, history and culture, French conversation, and Bambara language.

Director: Cherif Keïta, Professor of French

Courses: FREN 250-07 Film and Society in Mali, 6 credits

FREN 251-07 Negotiating the Past -- the Challenges of Nation-building in Mali, 4 credits

FREN 252-07 Literature and Society in Mali, 6 credits

FREN 290-17 Directed Reading, 2 credits, S/CR/NC

FRENCH SEMINAR IN PARIS, spring term, 18 credits

Seminar (whose courses count toward the French major and the Certificate of Advanced Study) will include studies of the art and literature of the "city of lights." Students will tour some of the finest and best-known museums in the world and explore the changing image of Paris through the various arts: literature, film, and popular music. Classes are scheduled over four days each week, allowing students ample opportunity to explore the city and its rich cultural resources.

Director: Éva Pósfay, Professor of French

Courses: FREN 208-07 Conversation and Composition, 6 credits

FREN 246-07 City of Wonders: Paris in the Arts, 6 credits

FREN 249-07 or 349-07 Visions of Paris, 6 credits

english literature and theater seminar in london, spring term, 15 credits

The goal of the London program is to immerse the students in the best and most varied performance the city has to offer, and to make use of local museums and other cultural sites to enhance the study of British literature. The group will attend productions of classical and contemporary plays in London and travel to Stratford-on-Avon to see RSC productions.

Director: Nancy Cho, Associate Professor of English

Courses: ENGL 290-07 Directed Reading, 3 credits, S/CR/NC

ENGL 380-07 London Theater, 6 credits

ENGL 381-07 Empire and Modern British Literature, 6 credits

political economy seminar in beijing, spring term, 18 credits

Cross-disciplinary program in which students from different academic departments analyze the economy of China, investigate government institutions which shape Chinese policy, and meet the people who make the policies work. Combines classroom study with many visits to economic agencies, government organizations, industrial and commercial sites in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

Director: Roy Grow, Professor of Political Science

Courses: POSC 381-07 Politics of Economic Development, 6 credits

POSC 382-07 Chinese Economics in Transition, 6 credits

POSC 378-07 Chinese Social and Political Institutions, 3 credits

POSC 379-07 Chinese Decision-Making, 3 credits

Seminar Cancellation Policy: Carleton College shall have the right, at its option and without liability, to make cancellations, changes, or substitutions in cases of emergency or changed conditions or in the interest of the program.

Programs Co-Sponsored By Carleton for specialized areas of study, Carleton has combined with other colleges to develop off-campus study programs. For each of these programs, Carleton representatives participate in the management, Carleton faculty often serve as instructors and directors, and Carleton students participate along with others from the member colleges and universities.

Associate Kyoto Program (AKP), in Kyoto, Japan, academic year only

Students with background in Japanese live with Kyoto families and enroll at Doshisha University in intensive language classes plus two courses each term conducted by visiting professors from AKP member colleges or Doshisha faculty.

Higher Education Consortium For Urban Affairs (HECUA), fall and spring semesters

These 15-week programs provide the opportunity to learn from local and international faculty who integrate theory with real-life urban issues. Homestays, interviews, community immersion activities and field research are used throughout the programs, which are open to all majors. Brochures on individual programs are available in the Off-Campus Studies Office, Leighton 119.

Community Internships in Latin America (CILA) in Quito, Ecuador, fall and spring semester

Sustainable Development in an Islamic Context, Bangladesh, spring semester only

Scandinavian Urban Studies (SUST), in Oslo, Norway, fall semester only

Metro Urban Studies (MUST), in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, fall or spring semester

Environmental Sustainability: Science, Politics and Public Policy, Twin Cities, MN, fall semester only

Northern Ireland, Democracy and Social Change, in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, spring semester only

City Arts, in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, spring semester only

Adviser: Helena Kaufman

Inter-Collegiate Sri Lanka Program (ISLE), fall semester only

This 15-week program enrolls 15-20 students from eight consortium colleges to study the culture, history, religion and political structure of Sri Lanka. In-depth studies include Buddhist thought and practice, conversational Sinhala, and an independent research project. Students live with host families in Kandy.

Associated Colleges of the Midwest Programs (ACM)

Sixteen programs in the U.S. and abroad are sponsored by the 14 consortium members of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. A resident director for each program is recruited from member colleges. Courses are conducted by the ACM director and by staff at the program site. Brochures about each program are available in the OCS Office and applications from the faculty advisers.

ACM Chicago Arts Program, fall or spring semester, adviser: Lawrence Archbold

ACM Central European Studies, fall semester only, adviser: Diethelm Prowe

ACM Studies in Latin American Culture and Society, fall semester only, adviser: Jerome Levi

ACM Tropical Field Research, Natural and Social Science, in Costa Rica, spring semester only, adviser: Jerome Levi

ACM Florence, Italy, fall semester only, adviser: Alison Kettering, Helena Kaufman

ACM India Studies, fall semester, advisers: Roger Jackson, Melinda Russell

ACM Japan in Tokyo, fall semester, adviser: Kathryn Sparling

ACM London and Florence Arts in Context, February-May spring semester, January option for Italian language, adviser: Alison Kettering, Helena Kaufman

ACM Newberry Library Program in the Humanities, in Chicago, fall semester and other short-term seminars and tutorials, adviser: Susannah Ottaway

ACM Oak Ridge Science Semester Natural Sciences in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, fall semester only, adviser: Will Hollingsworth

ACM Russia, in Krasnodar, fall semester only, advisers: Laura Goering, Diane Nemec Ignashev

ACM Tanzania in Human Evolution and Ecology, July-December semester adviser: Jamie Monson

ACM Tanzania, Nation Building and Development in Africa, January-late April with optional May block, adviser: Jamie Monson

ACM Urban Education, in Chicago, fall and spring semester, winter interim, adviser: Deborah Appleman

ACM Urban Studies, in Chicago, fall or spring semester, adviser: Richard Keiser

Other Programs for Off-Campus Study

In addition to those programs above which Carleton sponsors or co-sponsors, students can select from over 80 additional pre-approved programs for general participation, or they can request approval for an unaffiliated program which the student and her/his academic adviser believe will further the student's educational goals. Students whose off-campus study program are approved in advance by the College may earn up to 54 credits (one year's worth) to be applied to their Carleton degree. Students are encouraged to learn more about off-campus study opportunities and information about specific programs by visiting the Off-Campus Studies Office in Leighton 119.

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