Rockwell Kent: Workers Of The World Unite
Gene Kloss: Taos Devil Dance
John Sloan: Sunbathers on Roof
Wanda Gag: Spinning Wheel
Thomas Hart Benton: Fire in the Barn Yard
Paul Cadmus: Shore Leave
Grant Wood: Shrine Quartet
American Scenes Between The Wars: The Fine Print

Carleton College Gould Library
April 10 - June 14, 2003

American Scenes Between the Wars: The Fine Print juxtaposes distinct visions of America between World War I and World War II in order to define what was quintessentially American. In a time of change that spanned the "Roaring Twenties" and the Great Depression, America struggled with the move from an agrarian to an industrial society. This shift fostered both celebrations of the city and nostalgia for the country. With differing treatments of the local scene, whether rural or urban, American artists drew on place to develop emblems of national identity. By depicting uniquely American scenes in representational styles, these artists consciously distanced themselves from Europe's artistic trajectory towards abstraction. Printmaking delivered these images to a broad audience and appealed to American democratic ideals through its affordable production of multiples. Presenting crowded scenes of urban life, geometric silhouettes of city skylines, and serene rural horizons, this exhibit offers glimpses into the heart of a changing America.

Emily Brink, Ruth Erickson, Liz Park and Sarah Zuckerman with Laurel Bradley, Director of Exhibitions

About This Exhibition
During winter term 2003, a team of four Carleton students, under the direction of Laurel Bradley, Director of Exhibitions, organized the exhibition American Scenes between the Wars and complementary events. Featuring works from the Carleton art collection, this exhibition also presents prints borrowed from the Flaten Art Museum, St. Olaf College; the Hillstrom Museum, Gustavus Adolphus College; the Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota; and the Minnesota Historical Society.

Selections from the exhibition of 36 prints:
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Rockwell Kent
Gene Kloss
John Sloan
Wanda Gag
Thomas Hart Benton
Paul Cadmus
Grant Wood

Carleton College Art Gallery

Gould Library