Chris Faust
Artist's Statement

As always when I photograph landscape it’s an opportunity to explore. I sometimes avoid research or opinions that people might have about a place because it begins to influence the way I see. This certainly was the case for the Carleton campus. Hammel, Green, and Abrahamson, the architectural firm, had just done a Valued Places study which I purposely did not view. During my introductory tour I tried to understand the layout even while looking for the essence of the campus and its connectedness.

After looking at my initial contact prints I found that the unifying feel, at least for me, came from the trees. The trees on the campus define and tie the campus together. Even though the architecture between the buildings varies quite a bit, the trees make the changes appear to be evolutionary.

The other non-photographic feeling I brought away from campus was a sense of home. Students, staff, and faculty all seemed to know each other. Although I’m afraid I could not capture this in my photographs, it was palpable to me.

Chris Faust: Photographs | Biographical Sketch