this is [not] a photograph

b. 1976 Evanston, Illinois

A serious interest in the physics of light led Daniel Levin to a body of work that shifts in and out of the artist's control. To create his images, Levin melts sheets of plastic in pre-determined forms, and places them between two polarizing filters. The muti-layered "negative" is then placed in the enlarger for printing. By limiting the polarization of light, the filters allow the colors, otherwise invisible to the eye, to appear in an intense spectrum. As a final step that Levin describes as "meditative," he paints portions of the printed image with a fine brush and colored dyes.

In his Stereo series, Levin prints both sides of his custom negatives and presents the two works for comparison.

Levin holds a B.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts in New York. He currently lives and works in New York.

Artwork from top to bottom:

Polar Revelation, 2000
unique chromogenic print

Polar Revelation (In Stereo),
2000, unique chromogenic print

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