this is [not] a photograph

b. 1957 Manchester, England

Christopher Bucklow's Guest series presents images that transcend photography's presumed material limitations. Using large-scale pinhole cameras with multiple apertures, Bucklow creates images of silhouetted human bodies that appear to dematerialize into tiny points of light. In reality, each figure is formed by a tin cutout that the artist has pricked with as many as 25,000 holes before placing it inside the camera. Bucklow's works present ambiguous and inexplicable forms to suggest the medium's metaphysical and expressive potentials, and blur the distinctions between art and science, realism and abstraction.

Bucklow currently lives and works in London. He has held a number of teaching positions with institutions including the Royal College of Art in London, Cooper Union in New York, Ruskin Schools at the University of Oxford, and St. Mary's College in Indiana.

Artwork from top to bottom:

Guest 1:21 pm 6th August,
1998, unique Cibachrome photo

Guest (7, 40/3.00/1970),
1997, unique Cibachrome photo

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