Faculty/Student Research: Sam Stevenson ’19

Sam Stevenson ’19, a physics/mathematics major from Salt Lake City, spent the summer of 2018 working closely with associate professor of physics Marty Baylor.

The Every Carl for Carleton campaign will support faculty innovation and double the number of endowed summer research stipends for students.

Financial Aid: Sebastian Tovar ’18

When Sebastian Tovar ’18 was considering his college options, he feared that his family could never afford a college like Carleton. Then came a fateful call with great news from the admissions office.

The Every Carl for Carleton campaign will help Carleton recruit and retain a diverse student body, including substantial numbers of high- and moderate-need students.

Faculty/Student Research: Jessica Makori ’19

Jessica Makori ’19 has collaborated with chemistry professor Joe Chihade to do meaningful research as an undergraduate. An aspiring obstetrician/gynecologist, Jessica is passionate to study how improving the health of mothers can benefit the health of the whole family.

The Every Carl for Carleton campaign will support faculty innovation and foster research and collaboration in the classroom and beyond.

Lakota Language Internship: Haley Grable ’20

Haley Grable ’20 spent her summer working at the Lakota Language Immersion Childcare at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Grable assisted in developing educational materials in Lakotan for the preschool children, helping to teach a new generation of fluent speakers.

The Every Carl for Carleton campaign will increase funding for internships to help all students take advantage of these career-building experiences.

Alumni Annual Fund

The Annual Fund serves Carleton’s most critical current needs, ensuring that our students push their intellectual boundaries, develop timeless skills, pursue their passions, cultivate well-rounded lives, and explore how their academic and personal interests may intersect with the real world.

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Every Carl for Carleton

The Every Carl for Carleton campaign strives to strengthen and preserve what makes Carleton such an outstanding college — and such a special place. See some of those qualities brought to life in our campaign launch video.