Carleton’s gifted faculty and students need facilities that reflect changes in teaching methods, new technologies, and the demand for more faculty-student research opportunities and academic collaboration across disciplines. The Every Carl for Carleton campaign will create innovative new spaces for science and music, two disciplines that have long been challenged by their outdated facilities.

The campaign also addresses the need for curricular and pedagogical innovation and career-long support of our talented faculty members to foster research and collaboration in the classroom and beyond.

Carleton is improving teaching & learning with a new science complex ($60M), music addition ($25M), and faculty and curricular innovation ($49M).

Teaching and Learning Goal: $159 million

Constructing an Interdisciplinary Science Complex: $60 Million

Carleton has a well-deserved reputation for producing gifted scientists. However, it has been more than two decades since the college last invested in new science facilities. The Every Carl for Carleton campaign will fund state-of-the-art science facilities that will transform science teaching and learning at Carleton.

New construction, along with the renovation of Olin and Hulings, will create a unified complex designed to foster teaching, research, and collaboration opportunities. The facility will house all of the sciences — including chemistry, physics, biology, geology, psychology, cognitive science, and computer science — in a thoughtfully integrated way that supports project-based and interdisciplinary learning. An architecturally striking atrium will unify old and new spaces, creating a bright and inviting gathering area for science and non-science majors alike. The project broke ground in fall 2017 and is slated for completion in 2020.

Building a performance hall and music spaces: $25 million

Opened in fall 2017, the music and performance addition to the Weitz Center for Creativity brings the music department under one roof with other creative disciplines, opening new avenues of academic creativity and enhancing the cocurricular musical life of the campus. The heart of the addition is a performance hall large enough to seat 400 and flexible enough to host full orchestras, multimedia lectures, and dance troupes, as well as soloists and small chamber ensembles.

This project has received outstanding support from leadership donors, but endowment opportunities still remain.

Investing in Faculty Innovation, Curricular Development, and Unrestricted Support: $49 Million

Carleton faculty members are expected to do significant, peer-reviewed scholarship— and to translate that scholarship into fresh insights in the classroom. Investing in faculty development and research is essential to preserve our academic excellence and attract the most dedicated teachers and finest scholars to our college.

Preserving these investments by adding to the endowment: $25 million

The new facilities we are building represent a significant investment. To protect that investment far into the future, we also intend to raise a $25 million endowment to ensure the longevity and vitality of these important spaces. The endowed funds will support essential maintenance, equipment upgrades, and other expenses to ensure that these facilities will continue to serve our educational mission.