The 2020 Internship Match

5 December 2018


The 2020 Internship Match is a combined gift of $5 million from Bill ’55 and Susan Buffett and Barbara Weitz ’70 and Wally Weitz ’70 and their family that will create a dollar-for-dollar matching fund for donors who commit outright gifts ranging from $50,000 to $1 million to establish or add to an existing endowed internship fund.

Announced at the college-wide launch of the Every Carl for Carleton campaign on October 26, 2018, in Skinner Chapel, the 2020 Internship Match will be in place from October 2018 through December 31, 2020, or until all $5 million has been claimed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will the 2020 Internship Match work?

A. Each commitment will be matched dollar-for-dollar to create an endowed internship fund or add to an existing fund. Example: A donor pledges $250,000 (payable over five years at $50,000 per year) to create an endowed internship fund. The 2020 Internship Match will match donor payments, resulting in a $500,000 fund.

Q. Can I have the internship fund named for me or someone important to me?

A. Yes. The Buffett and Weitz families will not have their names on the funds.

Q. Can I endow an internship fund with my will or estate plan and get matching funds?

A. No. The 2020 Internship Match is for current gifts payable over no more than five years that will create new or add to existing endowed internship funds.

Q. I’m interested in restricting my fund to certain types of internship experiences. Will it be possible to place restrictions on the use of my funds?

A. For the most part, yes—though restricting a fund to be used at a specific host site is not possible. Please keep in mind that unrestricted internship funds are most needed and benefit the most students. You can speak to a Carleton development officer for more details and assistance in meeting your goals.

Q. Will gifts from foundations be matched?

A. Yes.

Q. My family gives through a donor-advised fund. Can these gifts be matched?

A. Yes. Donor-advised funds have special rules regarding multiple payments. Please call the development office for assistance with your gift.

Q. Our class is planning for our 50th Reunion gift to Carleton. Can our gift be matched by the 2020 Internship Match?

A. Yes. Fiftieth Reunion class gifts, which are often the aggregated total of the contributions of a group of classmates, will be matched. Other reunion gifts are not able to be matched.

Q. I make my gifts to the Alumni Annual Fund. Will my gift be matched?

A. No. Support through the Alumni Annual Fund provides essential funds through the operating budget. The goal of the 2020 Internship Match is to build the permanent endowment for internships into perpetuity.