Carleton’s defining mission is to provide a personalized, residential, liberal arts experience of the absolute highest quality to the most talented students. Spanning the economic spectrum and the globe, our students bring a diversity of views and experiences to campus that dramatically enhances everyone’s growth and learning. Our college is therefore deeply committed to recruiting and educating a diverse student body, including substantial numbers of high- and moderate-need students.

The Every Carl for Carleton campaign seeks to raise $150 million of endowment to enroll the best students, providing more than$7.5 million in additional financial aid every year. Meeting this goal will bring the percentage of Carleton scholarships covered by endowment from 28 to 40 percent and allow us to increase the number of high-need students by 20 percent and the number of moderate-need students by 15 percent.

Carleton aims to increase the number of high-need students from 209 to 250 and the number of moderate-income students from 616 to 700.

Financial Aid Goal: $150 million

Reaffirming commitment to access for high-need students

One of our most dearly held values is the conviction that family income should not be an obstacle to attending Carleton. But as the cost of a college education rises, so must the amount of our support for students with significant financial need. To keep our commitment to these students, we must raise additional scholarship funds.

Attracting moderate-income students

Historically, Carleton has drawn students from a broad socioeconomic band and cultivated a reputation as a school of choice for middle-class families. In recent years, however, we have ceded this leadership position. Carleton has increasingly been losing top prospects to competitor colleges and universities that offer more generous financial aid. There is important work to be done in regaining this lost ground among moderate-income students, whose families are often the most cost-sensitive.

Expanding funding for international students

Carleton’s 200+ international students contribute significantly to the cultural and learning environment, bringing diverse perspectives to discussions in classrooms and throughout campus. Current funding allows us to fully support eight to 10 international students with financial need in each incoming class. Our campaign goal is to double that number while targeting geographic areas that are not well represented on campus currently, including Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.