Making Carleton Possible for Every Carl

In August, a major milestone was passed in the Every Carl for Carleton campaign: we met the campaign’s $400M fundraising goal. The generosity shown by Carls everywhere has been humbling. However, our work together is not yet finished.

$150M for Financial Aid

Financial aid is a crucial step in opening Carleton’s doors to a wider, more diverse population and ensuring the college stays true to its core value of educating the very best students anywhere — regardless of socioeconomic circumstances.

Achieving our campaign goal of raising $150 million for financial aid endowment would provide more than $7.5 million in new financial aid resources every year and boost the endowment designated for financial aid in perpetuity to more than $300 million. This equates to an average need‐based scholarship of $45,696 for 328 students per year, every year, for as long as Carleton stands.

$10M for the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund serves Carleton’s most critical current needs. Achieving our campaign goal of raising $10 million for the Annual Fund in the 2020-21 fiscal year will help ensure that financial resources are available immediately as evolving needs arise.

Amidst unprecedented disruption, change, and calls for racial justice this year, unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund have allowed us to meet the changing financial needs of our students, adapt our campus to safely convene the residential learning experience, support DACA students, provide financial aid to the most diverse class in college history, allocate CARES Act funding to student stipends based on financial need, and support the Dean of Students Emergency Fund, which directly assists individuals and families.

About the Campaign

Carleton’s mission is to provide the best liberal arts education possible. To cement our role as one of the best colleges in the world, we’ve embarked on a comprehensive campaign to sustain our academic excellence, safeguard our historic strengths, and invest in a promising future.

This campaign focuses on four vital priorities: