Jan 27

When Science Needs Self-Correcting

Thu, January 27, 2022 • 10:30am - 11:45am (1h 15m)
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“When Science Needs Self-Correcting” by Julia Strand 
University of Mannheim Open Science Talk Series
Scientists, like all humans, make mistakes. However, finding and acknowledging those mistakes can be very difficult, given the incentive structure of science. In this talk, Julia will discuss the process of finding and correcting errors in the scientific literature. She will also describe a new project called Error Tight: Exercises for Lab Groups to Prevent Research Mistakes that is intended to help lab groups identify places in their research workflow where errors may occur and pinpoint ways to address them.
Meeting-ID: 862 2822 9678
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When Science Needs Self-Correcting
  • Intended For: General Public, Students, Faculty, Staff, Alums, Prospective Students, Families
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