All female athletes who participated on a varsity team before the 1988-89 academic year have been retroactively granted a varsity letter. Women’s varsity sports before 1988-89 include tennis; swimming and diving; basketball; softball; field hockey (until 1985, when it became a club sport); volleyball; cross-country and track (after 1975), downhill skiing (after 1976), Nordic skiing (after 1980), and soccer (after 1980). A fuller description of this decision was shared with pre-’92 alumni in April 2021.

Any alum who participated on one or more of the varsity teams listed above and who fills out the following form may request a Carleton ‘C’ letter and a certificate. Information provided on the form will allow us to improve our historical records, but there is no need to prove or document varsity participation in order to receive the physical ‘C’ letter and certificate.