The ‘C’ Club Board always welcomes nominations for the ‘C’ Club Hall of Fame. We are most interested in athletes from Reunion classes (for Reunion 2024, the classes of 2014, 2009, 2004, etc.). Individual athletes must be in the 10th Reunion class or older, and teams must be in the 20th Reunion class or older. Nominations that come in for individuals or teams that are not celebrating a Reunion year will be noted and retained until their next Reunion year.

Everyone who considers submitting a nomination is encouraged to review the bios of former inductees in order to gauge the level of accomplishment that has supported induction into the Hall of Fame.

Nomination packets should include the following information:

  • Nominator’s full name, class year or affiliation (faculty, staff, parent, etc.), and email address and/or preferred contact information. 
  • Nominee’s full name, class year or affiliation (coach, supporter, etc.), and sport(s) played.
  • A cover letter summarizing your reason for nominating this person. Including a cover letter is strongly encouraged, because it offers you the opportunity to highlight the accomplishments and characteristics of the nominee beyond a simple list of statistics.
  • Supporting statistics.  Carleton’s Director of Sports Information will conduct research on every nomination, but we appreciate any information you can provide regarding sport-specific statistics, school records held or set, individual Conference championships, and other forms of athletic recognition.

Nominators may also include letters of support from coaches, fellow teammates, and/or other individuals that elucidate the candidate’s qualifications, including records held or set, individual Conference championships, and other forms of athletic recognition. The total nomination package should not exceed 12 pages. See the guidelines for more information.

It is truly an honor to be nominated. Because not all nominees are chosen for induction, keeping the nomination confidential is strongly recommended.

Nominations can be submitted via a nomination form or mailed to:

Carleton College Alumni Relations
Attn. ‘C’ Club Hall of Fame
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

Nominations for Reunion 2024 must be submitted or postmarked by November 15, 2023. 

Questions? Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or 800-729-2586.