Earl Baldwin

Caretaker, Laird Stadium

For the first time since the Hall of Fame came into existence, the selection committee voted to dispense with the requirements that a nominee must have competed in varsity athletics or coached at Carleton to be eligible for induction.

The committee could not have made a better choice than Earl Baldwin, officially the caretaker and custodian at Laird Stadium from 1926 to 1976. Supposedly retired in 1976, Baldwin continued to live at the Stadium and work part time for several years thereafter. His duties for fifty years included care and maintenance of the football, baseball and soccer fields, the indoor and outdoor tracks, and most of the intercollegiate athletic equipment.

Earl Baldwin’s optimistic outlook on both athletics and life, his quiet, dry humor and his knack for listening sympathetically and offering sage advice to coaches and athletes alike are much missed. In 1964, he was honored by the Carleton Alumni Association for “long and distinguished service to the College.” The Alumni “C” Club honors him now for his unselfish contributions to the life of Carleton College, and for having been the friend and confidant of three generations of Carleton athletes and a score of coaches.