As our first fiscal year in Workday concludes on June 30, please review additional guidance from the Business Office.

  • The Business Office will close at noon on June 30. Department deposits delivered to the Business Office should clearly identify June vs. July activity.
  • Expense reporting must be completed by July 15 in Workday for all charges dated through June 30. Do not commingle June and July expense reporting. Expense reporting should be created for each month, and the “Expense Report Date” should reflect the month in which the transactions occurred. Managers should review and approve expense reports as soon as they are available in their Workday inbox. Click here for Expense reporting instructions supporting this new emphasis on monthly reporting.
  • Invoices should be submitted for payment as soon as possible, but no later than July 15. Interdepartmental charges should be submitted by July 15. Due to staff turnover, April, May and June interdepartmental charges will be posted for your review by July 20.
  • Please carefully review your cost center, gift and grant reports as of July 20 to confirm your FY23 activity is complete and accurate. We will finalize our accounting for FY23 on August 1 to provide time for a final review.