Student Account statements can be found on Workday.

Students Steps:

  1. Log into your Student Profile Workday account
  2. Under Account Activity section click the “View Statement” button.
  3. Select the desired Academic Period.
  4. Click “Generate PDF”

Parent/Guardian Steps:

  1. Log into the Third Party Version of Workday
  2. Click the global navigation menu icon
  3. Click on “Finances for Third Party”
    • If you do not see this app, simply click the Add Apps button at the bottom to add the “Finances for Third Party” app.
  4. Click “View Student Statement” under Tasks. You may need to click more to see all task options.

Parent/Guardian: Your enrolled Carleton student must grant you “Workday Third-Party User Access” for you to view your student’s statement, pay their bill online, view their enrolled classes, etc.