Student Account statements are on the Hub

Students Steps:

  1. Log into the Hub
  2. Click on “Account Activity” (under Tuition, fee, Financial Aid)
  3. Once in the Hub, click on “View Statement”

Parent/Guardian Steps:

  1. Log into the Hub
  2. Click on Financial Information
  3. Click on “Student Finance”
  4. Click on “Account Activity”
  5. Click on “View Statement”

Parent/Guardian: Your enrolled Carleton student must request “Proxy Access” for you to access the Hub to view their student account statement.

  • Once your student requests “Proxy Access”, you will receive an email (from stating that your student has requested your “Proxy Access”
  • You will receive a second email (from with your new username and instruction for the Hub. 
    NOTE: This email can sometimes be found in your spam/junk folder.
  • Parent/Guardian Reminder: The Hub works best when using the Chrome browser.