Tuition Due Dates

Fall Term:  Due August 15th
Winter Term:  Due December 15th
Spring Term:  Due March 15th

2022-2023 Student Account Brochure

Student Account & Tuition Information

For many families, finances can be the “scariest” part of attending college. Rest assured, it is the goal of Student Accounts to provide comfort and support.

Electronic Billing Statements:  No Paper Statements Provided

View your Student Account Billing Statement through The Hub (student portal).  Students and parents/guardians (if the parent/guardian’s email address has been provided) receive email notice when term billing statements are ready.  Notices are sent out approximately one month prior to the due dates listed above for each term.  Statements can be viewed, printed or downloaded.  Please log into The Hub using the username provided to you in Mailing #1 “Connecting to Carleton”, and reset your password.

Students, it is your responsibility to make your Student Account Statement available to your parents, or other individuals who may be assisting with payment.

Parent/Guest Proxy Access Account is available through The Hub.

NOTE:  New Students will have access to The Hub by July 1st, and can request Proxy Access at that time.

Student Account Statement:

View tuition, room, board, and Carleton Student Association (CSA) fees charged to your Student Account.  The statement also shows payments, college grants and other financial aid awards applied to your account each term.  Outside scholarships (tuition benefits, Rotary scholarships, etc.) are credited to your student account each term as the funds are received by the College.  Other fees, will be applied to your student account over the course of the school year, if applicable.  Fees may include music lessons, library fines, health and counseling bills, parking registration, parking violations, and various other fees.

Student Employment:

If you would like to apply all or part of your work earnings toward your Student Account, please complete the Apply Work Earnings to Tuition online form, on The Hub.  Please keep in mind that your work earnings are applied to your Student Account each pay period, NOT all at once. Students are allowed to reduce their “Amount to Pay” by 75% of their eligible unpaid work earnings for the term.  Students can put more than 75% of their work earnings toward their student account, but 75% of the earnings is calculated when determining their balance due for the term.  

Example:  A student has chosen to apply 100% or $1,125.00 in work earnings towards their Student Account.  The student may subtract $843.75, which is 75% of $1,125.00, from the balance due, and pay the difference.  If a student earns more than the estimated amount of $843.75, the credit will be applied to the next term, or the student can request a refund.

Importance of timely payments:

Carleton College reserves the right to withdraw a student if their payment schedule has not been met or their health insurance forms have not been received.

Online Payments:

Online payment is the preferred form of payment. Payments can be made electronically through the Hub, a secure student payment portal that confirms the balance due on the student account. Students are able to enter their US domestic bank routing number (the 9-digit number in the lower left corner of a personal check) and checking account number (the set of numbers that follow the routing number) for an automatic payment.

Check Payments:

Please mail your paper check and 529 Savings Plan payments to the address below. (Please include Student’s ID# and Name)

Carleton College
Business Office
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

When available request 529 Savings Plan payments by Flywire or ACH options.

The Business Office is located in the lower level of Leighton Hall, and accepts check payments during cashier hours (M-F 10:00am-2:00pm).

Credit/Debit cards Payments:

Carleton College does not accept credit/debit card payments.

International Student Payments:  Flywire

Use Flywire for an easy and secure method for sending international payments.  Flywire allows you to:

  • Track your payments from start to finish
  • Pay from any country and any bank
  • Save on bank fees and exchange rates
  • Receive peace of mind with dedicated multilingual customer support

Go to Flywire to learn more and make your payment, or go to the International Student Payment page for more details.

Wire Transfer Payments: 

Please Contact Student Accounts

Student Financial Aid Office:

If you have questions regarding your loans, grants/scholarships, or other aid components, please contact the Student Financial Aid Office directly.

Student Financial Aid Office:  507-222-4138 or

Student Account Team:

Candace Koen
Student Accounting Manager


MiKayla Christopher
Business Office Specialist
(507) 222-4843

Debra Fawcett
Accounts Receivable Manager