Payroll Timeline for Percentage Changes

Changes entered by 12:00 noon on the Monday following the end of a pay period will be in effect for that upcoming payroll. Changes made after that time will be in effect on the next available payroll. 

Percentage Elections

  • Election of 100% = all earnings applied to the student tuition account 
  • Election of 1–99% = the elected percentage of earnings is applied to the student tuition account, and the remaining percentage is applied to a personal bank account 
  • Election of 0% = all earnings applied to a personal bank account. 

Please Note: For elections of 0–99%, Payroll Direct Deposit Bank Account information must be added on the Hub, or earnings will automatically default to student tuition account. 

Student Payroll Calendar (Pay Period Start & End Dates)

Terms and Conditions: I authorize Carleton College to apply my student earnings percentage, as entered below, to my tuition account. I understand this applies to all payroll earnings (both term and break) until I submit a new request. Elected percentages carry forward each school year.

NOTE: Work earnings are applied to your student account each pay period, not all at once.

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