General contact

Phone: 507 222 4843


Photo of Susan Benson
Susan Benson Bio
Grant and Cash Manager
Phone: 507 222 5990

Responsible for managing the compliance, accounting, reporting and post-award grant management for foundation grants, federal and state grants and all sub-awards or contracts. Coordinates treasury management functions including cash management, wire transfers, cash flow projections and bank reconciliations.

Photo of MiKayla Christopher
MiKayla Christopher
Business Office Cash Operations Specialist
Phone: 507 222 4843

Primary point of contact; addressing student, faculty, staff, and visitor inquiries about all Business Office functions.  Collaborates with departments to ensure accurate deposits and ad-hoc bank transactions.  Assists with cash management tasks, bank reconciliation, and managing petty cash funds.   Provides support to accounts payable (AP) operations and student accounting.  WordPress Site editor for the Business Office website and other communication materials.

Photo of Randie Johnson
Randie Johnson Bio
Purchasing and Risk Manager
Phone: 507 222 4178

Responsible for managing the process of purchasing goods and services, assists departments with sourcing merchandise and obtains the lowest cost consistent with the benefits.  Maintains internal quality standards as well as positive relations with vendors.  Administers property insurance for the College, processes liability claims and the Enterprise Risk Management functions for the college.


Photo of Jared Kashou
Jared Kashou
Senior Accountant
Phone: 507 222 4141

Responsible for financial accounting and reporting supporting investments, gifts and endowments, journal entries and department and institutional financial reporting.

Photo of Candace Koen
Candace Koen Bio
Student Accounting Manager
Phone: 507 222 4165

Responsible for student accounting including billing tuition, student activity fee, room, board, music lessons, off-campus program and etc. Coordinates financial aid and monthly payment plan application to student accounts. Prepares and sends the student account statements.  Works with Perkins and Carleton Institutional Loans.  Manages health insurance enrollment and billing for Carleton students.

Photo of Kara Lloyd
Kara Lloyd Bio
Assistant Comptroller

Responsible for managing all accounts payable functions including vendor payment processing, capital expense management, administration of the purchasing card program, and directing financial payments for the Off Campus Study programs. Ensures compliance with IRS tax form 1099-MISC reporting, and unclaimed property reporting to the state of Minnesota.  Provides direction and support for Carleton Student Association (CSA) and Faculty Professional Development Account  (F/PDA) payments.

Photo of Shari Mayer
Shari Mayer Bio
Associate Comptroller
Phone: 507 222 4022

Responsible for payroll and tax management. Facilitates non-resident alien tax compliance for students, faculty, and visitors including Glacier access, preparation of IRS tax forms 1042S and annual reporting. Prepares IRS tax form 990, external financial surveys, bond compliance reports/debt payments and cash operation schedules.

Photo of Jennifer Paulson
Jennifer Paulson Bio
Payroll Specialist
Phone: 507 222 4283

Coordinates all payroll processes for students, faculty and staff to ensure timely payroll disbursements.  Remits payroll tax and benefit filings and monthly vendor payments for payroll deductions.  Assists employees and supervisors with Web Time Entry questions.

Photo of Nick Sahli
Nick Sahli Bio
Expense Specialist
Phone: 507 222 5509

Administrator of the Carleton Purchasing Card Program including facilitation of new cardholder training and general cardholder support. Responsible for comprehensive review of all cardholder transactions and validation of purchasing guidelines. Also provides regular support for Accounts Payable (AP) operations.

Photo of Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith
Accounts Payable Specialist
Phone: 507 222 4844

Responsible for all aspects of the vendor payment process ensuring vendor invoices and employee/student reimbursements are paid in a timely manner. Completes data entry, review of supporting documentation, vendor correspondence, account validation along with transaction research and support to complete weekly check runs. Also responsible for preparing, distributing and reporting of the 1099-MISC tax forms to applicable vendors and the IRS. Supports Accounts Payable Manager with the review of unclaimed property, notifying owners of outstanding checks.

Photo of Linda Thornton
Linda Thornton Bio
Phone: 507 222 4171

Responsible for all Business Office management; providing direction and assistance for current year budget management; payroll; student accounting; purchasing; accounts payable and institutional reporting.

Photo of Stacy Waters
Stacy Waters
Senior Accountant
Phone: 507 222 4524

Responsible for financial accounting and reporting supporting student accounts and grant management.