The College strives to create relationships with the supplier community which results in the maximum benefit while also meeting Carleton’s goals of environmental stewardship. The following information will facilitate doing business with Carleton College.                  

Accounts Payable

For all Purchase Orders, invoice must reference the original Purchase Order Number.

Preferred Address:
Carleton College
Accounts Payable Department
One North College Street
Northfield MN 55057 

Accounts Payable Specialist:

Melissa Smith
(507) 222-7664

Fraud Alert

Vendors are receiving fraudulent emails from individuals posing as Carleton employees in an attempt to purchase items and have them shipped to locations off campus. The perpetrators of this scheme are submitting false purchase orders using College information to make themselves look legitimate. To better protect our data, we have moved our tax information to the Business Office References section on the Business Office website. You can only access this with your Carleton log-in credentials.

Best Practices

  • Do not provide procurement card information or agree to pay invoices unless you are certain you ordered the item and have received the item.
  • Beware of suspicious sounding sales pitches, offers to send you a free product to “test” or calls from unknown vendors asking to verify your address.
  • When contacted by companies claiming you owe money for goods or services you did not order, you should insist on written documentation of the purchase.
  • If you receive supplies or bills for services you did not order, do NOT pay for or return the unordered merchandise.
  • By law, it is illegal for a seller to send you bills for unordered merchandise, or ask you to return it even if the seller offers to pay for shipping. 

Sales Calls Guidelines 

Sales personnel can make an appointment with the Purchasing Department.

Campus Departments

Unsolicited and uninvited supplier visits, e-mails, and faxes to any campus department are discouraged. Door-to-door solicitation and cold calls are not permitted. New vendors should call the Purchasing Department to schedule a sales call with a campus department.

Important: Suppliers are required to comply with all College rules and regulations and to obey all posted restrictions while on College premises.

Green Product Information 

Vendors should include environmentally preferable goods and services as additional options on quotes. Please provide the recycled and post-consumer content for goods offered along with any eco-responsible packaging you can provide.

Contact Info:

Contact the Purchasing Department at 507-222-4178 to make appointments or for assistance and support if you are ever concerned about a vendor communication.