• Carleton Purchasing Card
    This is the preferred method of payment.  The purchasing card may be used to procure services, supplies and equipment when budget authorization is in place and corresponding credit limits have been approved.
  • Create Requisition
    The Create Requisition task in Worday starts the purchase order process. This is to be used for the purchase of commodities and services from outside suppliers exceeding $5,000 or for services which need contract terms and conditions that are associated with purchase orders.
  • Direct Supplier Invoice Payment
    Payment may be authorized directly from the supplier invoice for goods and/or services received. Use the “Create Supplier Invoice Request” task in Workday to initiate a request for payment when you receive an invoice but do not have a related purchase order. If you receive an invoice that has an associated Purchase Order, email the approved invoice to accountspayable@carleton.edu for processing.

Services Available From Other Departments:

Print Services offers high-volume duplicating services utilizing high-speed digital photocopiers at very competitive rates. They work closely with Mail Services and the Campus Post Office to coordinate the printing and distribution of College materials.

Facilities Management will assist you if you need office furniture. Please submit a Facilities Work Order with your needs and they will contact you on possible options.

Catering Services are available to help you plan the perfect menu for your event. They are available for consultation and advice. They can be contacted at x5430.

Use preferred suppliers whenever possible.  See the Purchasing Policy and Supplier Contracts for additional information.

Only individuals with purchasing authority may initiate purchases on behalf of the College.  Refer to the Purchasing Authorization Guide for details.