A contract is a legally binding agreement, which recognizes and governs the rights and duties of both parties.

You will need a Contract if you are:

  • paying a speaker to talk on campus;
  • paying a band to perform on campus;
  • acquiring online services;
  • holding an event on campus using third-party services;
  • allowing outside groups to use campus facilities or equipment;
  • renting or purchasing equipment;
  • hiring third parties to perform services on campus;
  • Hiring consultants.

Insurance requirements vary based on the nature and extent of activities and services and whether the provider is coming to campus to do work or provide services.

  • Insurance is necessary to cover any claims or losses for which the individual/vendor may be responsible for.
  • Departments should request a Certificate of Insurance from the service provider prior to the beginning of work and/or the start of a contract. The Certificate of Insurance form must be sent to the Purchasing and Risk Manager prior to commencement of work.
  • A Certificate of Insurance is a standard form issued by the insurance company evidencing the insurance information (including policy limits and types of insurance) of its policyholder.  
  • If the individual/vendor does not have insurance, they can purchase it through an insurance agent or they can purchase it through the URMIA/TULIP program. This general liability insurance can be used for concerts, festivals, meetings, exhibits, and conferences.


For additional assistance and review of outside contracts, please contact the Purchasing and Risk Manager.

Contracts related to an Independent Contractor/Consultant, must be submitted with the Independent Contractor Evaluation Form submitted to Human Resources prior to services being rendered.