How to Obtain a Carleton Purchasing Card

To obtain a card, new cardholders are required to attend a purchasing card training session and complete the following forms prior to issuance:

Please contact Amy Swenson x 5509 to set-up a meeting time for the training session.

Out-of-Pocket and Personal Expense Reimbursement

Employees who incur out of pocket expenses are eligible to enroll in the Out-of-Pocket (OOP) reimbursement option through the Wells Fargo online portal Commercial Card Expense Reporting (CCER). You do not need to have a college issued purchasing card to utilize OOP, however new account holders are required to attend a training session in conjunction with completing the OOP Reimbursement Application form.  Current cardholders are not required to attend additional training, but may utilize OOP using their existing CCER account.

Purchasing Cardholders may also use the CCER online portal to reimburse the College for a personal expense on the Carleton account. This eliminates the need for cardholders to write a refund check to the College. When viewing your purchasing transactions you have the option to check an item as “personal” if the charge is not a College expense.


Wells Fargo Cardholder Receipt Imaging System (ChRIS)

As we work towards being a more sustainable college, the P-Card statement process is going paperless! 

All receipts can be uploaded including Out of Pocket (OOP) by:

  1. Wells Fargo CEO Mobile app for your phone
  • Can only access your own P-Card (cannot access those that you are reconciler or approver for)
  1. Wells Fargo CEO website
  • Scan receipt and save to computer
  • While in the transaction, click on “Receipt Image” icon
  • Click on “Upload New Receipt”, find file and attach to transaction

Reconciling your statement remains the same.  You will still need to add the G/L codes and the descriptions.  As long as all receipts are attached electronically, you will no longer need to print or send a copy of the statement.

On the Wells Fargo website, approvers will now be able to see the receipt by clicking on “Receipt Image” for each transaction.  Once they have viewed all the receipts they can click on the “approve” button as usual.  No paperwork needs to be sent to the Business Office.
The cardholder/reconciler/approver will be able to access 13 months of statements and receipts through the Manage Statements/View Previous Statements tab on the Wells Fargo website.  The receipt images will be available for 7 years via the Manage Statements/View Historical Images button.

**If the merchant is underlined you are able to click on it to get a copy of the receipt (Unless it is airfare or hotel stay.  We need the merchant invoices for these types of expenses). If you are using this as your receipt documentation you will need to attach it in electronic form. The underlined receipt is only accessible for 13 months whereas the electronic receipt is available for 7 years.

Wells Fargo Login Information

Wells Fargo has been the issuing bank for our VISA purchasing cards since June 1, 2013. The bank provides a secure online portal to review and approve transactions:

Login to Wells Fargo (CCER)
Enter your login information received through the welcome notification.

  • Company ID: Carle057
  • User ID: Unique to User
  • Password: Unique to User

Wells Fargo User Guides

Cardholders are individually responsible for the monthly reconcilement of their purchasing card transactions on the Wells Fargo CCER website.

Please see the New Cardholder Training, Wells Fargo CCER User & Reconciliation Guides below for instructions or view the Wells Fargo Purchasing Card Tutorials.

Wells Fargo Helpful Hints

  • If you have forgotten your password, do not try to sign on more than twice. Instead go to “change your password” and you will be prompted through your secret questions to reset your password to something else. Passwords expire every 120 days. It is recommended that you close your current session and open a new browsing session before trying your new password.
  • If the browser you are using to access the CCER site is not working properly try switching to a different browser type. We recommend using Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • Remember to Save your work as you go! The CCER site times out after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Avoid special characters in the description field. The following cannot be used in the description box:     < > “ ? % ; ( ) & + {} | ^ ~ [ ] ‘
  • To complete the online review of transactions, Cardholders must click on the Statement Reviewed button found on the Review Open Statements screen. If cardholders fail to complete this step, Approvers will not be able to electronically approve the statement until the cardholder review period has ended (generally the 8th of each month).  After saving your changes in the reclassification screen, be sure to click on Return to Charges – Manage Charges in the upper left hand side of the web-page so that you can complete this final step of clicking on the Statement Reviewed button.
  • When calling the Wells Fargo customer service line you may be asked for the last four digits of your Unique ID or PIN#. The Unique ID is your Carleton Employee ID which can be found on your pay advice on the HUB or, if hired recently, on the back of your One Card.
  • To avoid declines when making online and phone orders enter the College’s billing address as “One North College Street” rather than using the numeric “1” or other abbreviations in the address field.

Purchasing Card Contact Information

Cardholder Assistance & Training:

Amy Swenson
Purchasing Card Specialist

Alternate Purchasing Card Administrator:

Kara Lloyd
Accounts Payable Manager

Wells Fargo 24-hour Customer Service:

(800) 932-0036 / (612) 332-2224