How to Obtain a Carleton Purchasing Card 

College employees may be granted the privilege of using a Carleton purchasing card to make business related purchases. The Purchasing Card is a cost-effective method of procurement that allows cardholders to conveniently purchase goods and services on behalf of the College.

Eligible employees can initiate a request for a card using the following steps:

Step 1: Cardholder

  • Open the Purchasing Card Application and confirm eligibility to request a card
  • Enter your department Approver’s email address into the field and click “Submit”

Step 2: Approver

  • A notification is sent to the approver to complete the application fields and approve the request for a card. Approver’s must supply the following information:
    • Approver / Reconciler Assignments
    • Monthly/Single Transaction Limits
    • General Ledger Purchasing Card Defaults

Step 3: Business Office

  • Approved forms are sent to the Business Office for final review. A purchasing card will be requested from Wells Fargo and will arrive at the Business Office in 3-5 business days.
  • An email invitation will be sent to the Cardholder to complete an online tutorial and sign the Cardholder Agreement Form. New cards will be forwarded upon completion of the tutorial.

The New Cardholder Guide Sheet is available to help cardholders get started with your Carleton purchasing card.

Wells Fargo Login Information

Wells Fargo provides a secure online portal to review and approve transactions:

Login to Wells Fargo (CCER)
Enter your login information received through the welcome notification.

Save your login information to a password saver to make logging in easier for future use.

  • Company ID: Carle057
  • User ID: Unique to User
  • Password: Unique to User

Wells Fargo User Guides

Cardholders are individually responsible for the monthly reconcilement of their purchasing card transactions on the Wells Fargo CCER website. The following resources are available to help you complete this task.

Cardholder Guides:

Purchasing Resources:

Out-of-Pocket Expense Reimbursement

Wells Fargo Out-of-Pocket (OOP) is the recommended method of reimbursement for all college employees. Cardholders should utilize this feature to request reimbursement for mileage, tolls, and other miscellaneous business expenses. If you are an existing cardholder, enabling Out-of Pocket is simple. Use the Out-of-Pocket Instructions to complete the set-up.

You do not need to have a college issued purchasing card to utilize OOP. Contact Nick Sahli, if you are interested in using this feature and would like more information.

Personal Expense Reimbursement

Purchasing Cardholders may use the CCER online portal to reimburse the College for a personal expense on the Carleton account. This eliminates the need for cardholders to write a refund check to the college. When viewing your purchasing transactions, you have the option to check an item as “personal” if the charge is not a College expense. Use the Personal Expense Reimbursement Instructions to facilitate a return of funds.

Wells Fargo Cardholder Receipt Imaging System (ChRIS)

As we work towards being a more sustainable college, the purchasing card statement process is now paperless.  All receipts should be uploaded directly to your statement before the monthly deadline using the Wells Fargo Cardholder Receipt Imaging System (ChRIS).

Instructions for Electronic Receipt Imaging

There are two methods for attaching receipts:

Mobile: Upload receipts via the Wells Fargo CEO Mobile app on your smartphone

  • To conveniently scan your receipts from a mobile device, download the CEO Mobile® service app. You can view account information, manage charges and out-of-pocket transactions, and upload receipts. Please review the User Guide below for information on setup and use.
  • Note: You can only access your own purchasing card via the mobile app. You cannot access accounts for which you are a reconciler or approver.

 Desktop: Upload receipts via the Wells Fargo CEO website on desktop computer

  • Scan receipt and save to a folder or desktop
  • While in the transaction, click on “Receipt Image” icon
  • Click on “Upload New Receipt”, find file and attach to transaction

Step-by-step instructions for both methods (Mobile and Desktop) are available here:

Purchasing Card Contact Information

Nick Sahli
Purchasing Card Specialist

Kara Lloyd
Assistant Comptroller

Randie Johnson
Purchasing and Risk Manager

Wells Fargo 24-hour Customer Service:

(800) 932-0036 / (612) 332-2224