Current and historic budget information is available to budget managers on the Hub.

Current and historical budget information is available to budget managers with a valid user ID and Password. If you do not have access to your accounts, or have questions about posted transactions, budget report features, and other information about the budget process, please see the Budget Office website or contact:

Kris Sharp
Financial Reporting Manager

Budget Manager Tutorial

Online Budget Reports via the Hub

Log into the Hub with your Carleton user ID and password. Select Budget Manager Reports.

Selection Screen

  • Choose the fiscal year
  • Choose the Report Mode (COMPARATIVE recommended)
  • GL Account Selection
    • Fund: Select 10 for operating budgets (most common).
    • Source: Leave blank unless entering a specific gift, endowment or grant source number.
    • Department: Search and Select an individual department(s).
    • Sub Class: Select all or specific Sub Class(es).
    • Object: Optional, used only to select a specific object.
    • Click Submit on the Screen or Enter from the Keyboard

Summary Screen and Comparative Summary Screen

Summary information for budget, actual, encumbered and available amounts will be presented.

  • Budget Amount
    • This is the budget allocated for spending in the current fiscal year.
  • Actual Amount
    • These are charges that have been paid.
  • Encumbrance Amount
    • An encumbrance is an active purchase order that has not yet been paid. This is money you have committed to pay but does not yet show up in Actual.
  • Available Amount
    • Budget less Actual less Encumbered equals Available. If the total in the available column displays a minus or dash (-), the department has exceeded budget. Department budgets are managed in total not by line item. 

To display more detailed information about a particular account, click on the actual amount.   

The budget and actual amounts in the comparative year are totals for the entire previous year.

Detail Screen

The Detail Screen will show detailed information for each item posted to the General Ledger. 

  • Account
    • This is the General Ledger account number for each item
  • Reference Number
    • Transactions paid by check will have a reference number that begins with V and you will be able to click on the Vouch to access source documentation in the OnBase Document imaging system.  An OnBase login may be required.  
  • Source
    • The format of a source code will vary depending on the type of item.  Journal entries or manual entries into the general ledger will have a source code of  JE, cash receipts CR, payroll PR, and vouchers paid by check PJ, and visa UA.
  • Date
    • This is the date the transaction was posted into the Financial System.
  • Description
    • This identifies the vendor or other information about the transaction.
  • Amount
    • This is the amount of the transaction.  

To display more detailed information about a particular account, click on the actual amount.  When you view Detail information this way, you will only be able to detail for one account number at a time.  If you would like to see Detail information for a group of accounts, choose the Detail Report from the Selection screen.