If your question is not answered on this page, please contact the Business Office or visit our Suggestion Box.

Accounts Payable

When will I get my payment?

The Business Office processes payments each week on Thursday. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for processing. The deadline to submit requests is 12:00pm Thursday to be included in the following Thursday’s check run. Payment will be delayed if Accounts Payable is required to seek additional information or returns a request which does not have adequate support or proper approval. Reimbursements are deposited directly to the bank account on record with the Accounts Payable office.

What are the expense/object code numbers?

The Object Code (Expense Code) is the last four digits of the 14-digit general ledger code assigned to each transaction.

View a list of common Expense/Object Codes

View account number structure information in our Budget Management Guidelines

How can I get a credit card for department expenses?

To obtain a card, new cardholders are required to complete the Purchasing Card Application form and attend a purchasing card training session.

Contact Purchasing Card Specialist Nick Sahli (507-222-5509) to set up a meeting time for training.

How do I get reimbursed for a business expense?

Employee reimbursements are processed through the Wells Fargo Out of Pocket (OOP) payment portal. View the Wells Fargo CCER User Guide.

Contact Purchasing Card Specialist Nick Sahli (507-222-5509) for account setup.

What authorizations are required to issue payment?

Supervisor or Division Head authorization is required for payment requests reimbursed through department funds. See Budget Authorizations.

How do I initiate payment to a foreign national?

Payments made to foreign nationals must be reviewed by the Business Office in advance of check issuance to determine tax withholding requirements. See Foreign National Alien Payments.

What are the requirements and thresholds for 1099 reporting?

Carleton College is subject to IRS reporting requirements as specified in IRS publications and guidelines. This includes miscellaneous income for each person to whom the institution has paid at least $600 in rents, services, prizes or awards, and other income payments.

When is a W-9 Form required?

Accounts Payable requires all vendors to have an IRS W-9 on file with the College. See New Vendor Set-Up.

A W-9 is not required for current students and employees, and prospective students.

What is an Independent Contractor (IC) and when should the Independent Contractor Evaluation Form be completed?

An independent contractor or consultant provides contracted services for a limited period of time. An Independent Contractor Evaluation Form should be completed prior to engaging an individual for services. For more information see Independent Contractor.

How can I sign up for direct deposit?

All students, faculty, & staff will receive Accounts Payable payments through Direct Deposit. To learn more about how to maintain direct deposit bank information see ACH Direct Deposit.

Outside vendors are also eligible to receive payments electronically by completing and submitting the Vendor ACH Authorization Form (along with voided check) to the Carleton College Business office.

How do I verify that a vendor invoice or Accounts Payable Check Request has been paid?

All Budget Managers have access to Budget Manager Reports on the Hub which may be utilized to verify that a payment has been issued. Transactions paid by check will have a reference number that begins with V and budget managers are able to click on the Voucher# to access source documentation in the OnBase Document Imaging system. An OnBase login is required.

If you require assistance with verification, contact Accounts Payable at 507-222-4844 and supply the following information:

  • Vendor Name
  • Invoice Number, Amount & Date
  • Approximate date request was submitted to the Business Office

When is a Payment Request Form required?

A Payment Request Form is required when an invoice is not furnished by the vendor or other non-invoice payments. Wells Fargo Out of Pocket (OOP) should be used for employee expense reimbursements.

Can I email invoices and Accounts Payable Check Requests?

The Business Office accepts invoices and payment requests electronically. Authorized requests for payment should be emailed to accountspayable@carleton.edu

How do I submit a request for ACH/Foreign Wire Payments?

To request a foreign wire payment to a non-U.S. citizen for services performed outside of the United States:

  1. Use the Vendor Electronic Payment Authorization Request Form to request bank details for wire transfer.
  2. Obtain a completed Foreign Source Statement Form from the vendor indicating services will be performed outside of the United States.
  3. Complete the Payment Request Form (payee name, address, description of payment, account to charge, and be sure to enter the currency amount and type – US, CAD, etc. – in the provided field). 
  4. Email the Payment Request Form, corresponding payment documentation, and Foreign Source Statement Form to accountspayble@carleton.edu for review/processing.

For payments to non-U.S. citizens for services performed within the United States, contact Shari Mayer to review foreign vendor payments before initiating payment. See Foreign National Payments for further information.     

I have lost my receipts, what do I need to do?

If you lose your receipt, first make every effort to contact the vendor for a duplicate copy. If this is not possible then you must provide the transaction date, the dollar amount and a detailed description of the purchase including the business purpose. Lost/missing receipts should be an infrequent and unusual circumstance. Substitute documentation should be used minimally and rarely.

Are gift cards an allowable expenditure?

Gift cards purchased with College funds create a reportable income transaction for the individual gift recipient. Due to the additional reporting requirements associated with these transactions, gift cards are not allowable. See Other Gifts & Prizes.

How are business expense reimbursement policies formed?

Business Office policies are designed to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promote operational efficiencies, and mitigate risk. Every effort is made to maintain practices, policies and procedures that contribute to the success, strength, and stability of the College, while upholding professional standards, laws and regulations. Students, faculty and staff may browse all polices and guidelines on the Campus Handbook.

Why do I need to supply original itemized receipts?

Carleton requires original itemized receipts to substantiate the actual business expenses as required under the IRS accountable plan rules (IRS publication 463). Requiring original receipts reduces the risk of erroneous duplicate payments and increases the ability to detect altered receipts. It is also used to validate compliance with applicable College policy.

When are we exempt from paying Minnesota sales tax?

Carleton College is a tax-exempt entity under the Internal Revenue Code and is exempt from paying sales tax in the State of Minnesota. The sales tax exempt certificate is only to be used for College business. Carleton’s exempt status does not apply to prepared food, soft drinks, candy, alcoholic beverages, catered food, lodging, airfare, car rentals, gasoline, out of state purchases (unless shipped to Carleton) and does not extend to individuals making payment on behalf of Carleton with personal funds. The tax exemption applies only to payments made with the purchasing card or check payments for invoices billed directly to the College.

When making purchases from suppliers (including online purchases for goods and services), please provide the appropriate exemption certificate to avoid paying sales tax. The sales tax on purchases made by employees will not be reimbursed, even if the purchase would have been exempt if paid with direct College funds.

Please contact the Accounts Payable Department for guidance on Sales and Use Tax questions. The Tax Exempt Certificate can be found on the Business Office website under Business Office Forms.

Insurance and Risk Management

Do I need to buy insurance when I rent a vehicle?

No, you do not need to purchase extra insurance. If you need a rental vehicle when you are out of the country, you would need to purchase their insurance so that we have the coverage required for the country in which you are traveling.

How do I prove that we have insurance when I rent a vehicle?

A Certificate of Insurance is available to you under the Travel Forms on the Business Office website. Approved drivers can rent a vehicle on behalf of the college. The Approved Drivers list is located in DropBox under BUSO/Campus Departmental Shared Reporting/Approved Drivers Shared.

I’m using a facility at another institution and they are requesting a Certificate of Insurance made out to them. How do I get one?

Send the Risk Manager either the original letter requesting the certificate or the name and date of the event, the location, and the name and address of the institution that is making the request.

Who can help me review a contract?

The Risk Manager reviews business agreements and approves the insurance and indemnification language in College contracts.

If I’m a student on a Leave of Absence, can I still live on campus?

No, only active students are covered under our insurance and can live on campus.

Out-of-Pocket and Personal Reimbursement

What is Wells Fargo Out-of-Pocket (OOP) Expense Reporting and when should I utilize it?

Periodically an employee may incur Out of Pocket expenses. The Wells Fargo Out of Pocket (OOP) portal is our employee reimbursement option at Carleton. Please enter any reimbursable expenses under the Out Of Pocket expense tab within your account.

When will I receive payment for Out-of-Pocket (OOP) expenses?

A payment will be processed after your statement has been approved in the Wells Fargo CCER portal. Approvals happen once a month following the same schedule as the purchasing card statement review and approval process. You will receive an email notification from Wells Fargo informing you that a payment has been sent to your bank account.

What happens to unapproved out-of-pocket transactions reported on the Wells Fargo CCER portal?

Out-of-Pocket (OOP) transactions that have not been approved or denied move forward to the next statement.

How do I submit receipts for Wells Fargo Out-of-Pocket Expenses?

Upload your (OOP) documentation electronically and complete the online cardholder review before the period deadline (generally by the 8th of the month).

I am not a purchasing cardholder; can I use the Wells Fargo Out-Of-Pocket Expense reporting?

You do not need to have a college-issued purchasing card to utilize the OOP feature, but you do need to have an account set up with Wells Fargo. For assistance with setting up an OOP account, contact Nick Sahli.

How do I mark a purchasing card transaction as a personal expense?

You can mark a transaction as Personal by selecting the personal checkbox on your statement or when you reclassify or split a specific transaction.

You must provide your bank information to authorize payments to be deducted from your account. Select User Information > Bank Information from the navigation menu in CCER to provide banking information.


How do I get reimbursed Expenses?

A Student Org. check request must be filled out with applicable backup. Your group’s president or treasurer must sign the request. It must also be signed by the CSA treasurer if it is for a student or if the amount is over $500. Carleton College is exempt from paying MN sales tax for goods and services. Present the tax exempt certificate when making qualifying purchases. (Form found on Business Office website)

How long does it take to get reimbursed?

PLAN AHEAD! Checks are currently processed only on Thursday mornings (cut-off Wednesday noon). Complete the entire check request form. Obtain necessary signatures and attach original receipts to ensure a prompt reimbursement. Signed credit card slips do not qualify as acceptable backup. Get the actual receipt when paying with your credit card.

Where do I find payment request forms?

Student Org. payment request forms can be found in the kiosk outside the Business Office, at the CSA office in Sayles and on the “Forms” section of the Business Office website.

How do I get the college’s tax exempt ID number?

Carleton College is exempt from paying MN sales tax for goods and services (does not include prepared meals or hotels). The tax exempt certificate can be found on the Business Office website under Business Office Forms. Present the certificate when making qualifying purchases for your organization. The college is not obligated to reimburse individuals who have not followed preferred purchasing methods.

What is paid leave?

Common forms of paid leave are:

  • VAC – Vacation
  • SICK – Sick
  • HOLIDAY – College announced and/or floating holiday
  • FMLA – Family Medical Leave
  • FNRL – Funeral Leave
  • CIVC – Election judge, jury duty
  • WC – Workers compensation

How to record SAC Meetings, SAC Luncheons, and SAC committee member’s meetings?

Choosing to attend any of the above will neither lengthen or shorten hours worked, cause overtime pay, or result in a change in the individual’s FTE appointment. The lunch period normally taken should be recorded on the time entry.

How does Jury Duty work?

Regular employees called to jury duty will retain all rights and privileges as College employees while on such duty. The College encourages its employees to accept and perform their duties as citizens in all ways. Therefore, the College will supplement juror pay so that in total employees will receive 100 % of their regular salary and will continue to earn normal vacation and sick leave. Employees are required to turn in the jury duty check to the Business Office, minus the mileage portion, which employees may keep.

Can I take paid vacation if I don’t have enough vacation time?

If a non-exempt employee exhausts all their accrued leave benefits, unpaid leave may be taken as approved by the immediate supervisor.

What do I do with a W-2?

Your W-2 is a required document provided to you by your employer to assist with preparation of your individual income tax return. The tax consequences of this income will vary by individual, please consult with your personal tax adviser for assistance.

Where do the W-2 numbers come from?

Your W-2 reports all amounts paid to you as compensation or taxable benefits. Additional information regarding federal and state tax withholding; flex spending; retirement; moving expenses and supplemental retirement may also be included.

Why did I receive both a W-2 and a 1042-S?

International students claiming U.S. Tax Treaty benefits may receive both Form W-2 and Form 1042-S. Form W-2 will reflect the compensation that is not covered under a U.S. Tax Treaty, and related federal and state tax withholding. Form 1042-S will reflect compensation covered under a tax treaty.
(For example: Under the tax treaty with Korea, a student may earn $2,000 per year exempt from tax withholding. If this student earned $3,000 during the year, he would receive a Form 1042-S for the $2,000 and a Form W-2 for $1,000.)”

I am an international student, why does my W-2 show zero $?

International students claiming U.S. Tax Treaty benefits that has compensation exceeding the tax treaty limit may receive a W-2 with zero earnings. Form 1042-S will show the compensation covered under the tax treaty.
(For example: Under the tax treaty with Korea, a student may earn $2,000 per year exempt from tax withholding. If this student earns $1,250 during the year, he would a Form 1042-S for $1,250 for and From W-2 for $0.)”

How is Form 1042-S distributed?

Form 1042-S is issued to individuals directly through GLACIER online, unless the individual has opted to receive their form by mail. To download Form 1042-S, you can access GLACIER. Form 1042-S will be available by February 15th and individuals will be notified by e-mail.

Where do I find the Payroll calendar?

Payroll calendars are located on the Business Office website under Payroll.

How do I enter time or approve time in Workday?

Workday Training Guides are available on the SEAMS website.

What if I don’t see all the positions listed for employees who report to me?

If a current position is not listed that employee or position may not have been assigned. Contact Student Employment for assistance with student positions or Human Resources for bi-weekly positions.

How much are student employees paid per hour?

Regular Student Employment positions are paid on an hourly basis for actual hours worked and reported via Time entry. Rates vary by position, please contact Student Employment for more information.

I am a foreign national student with a tax question. Who do I contact?

Please see the Foreign National Students Tax Information section under Student Employee Information on the Payroll website. If you have further questions, please contact Shari Mayer (x4022).

Professional Development Accounts (PDAs)

If these funds are intended to support my professional development activities, why are there limitations concerning how the funds are spent and specifications regarding documentation requirements?

Development Accounts (PDAs) are Carleton funds that must be spent in a manner consistent with College policy and IRS guidelines for business expenses. PDAs were established at Carleton to enhance faculty benefits without creating additional taxable income. Conceptually, this gives both the employee and the college more “bang for our buck”.

Why are original, itemized receipts the required documentation for expenses rather than a daily per diem rate reimbursement?

Professional Development Account spending rules must be consistent with other business expense rules or they will become reportable as taxable income. The IRS requires documentation of the date; location; cost; persons attending and business purpose of an expense. Most of this is documented by the itemized receipt

Why can’t I be reimbursed for child care, for instance, when it is provided for my use during a professional conference?

The IRS does not identify child care as a business expense. Carleton does sponsor a flex spending benefit program for child care expenses which allows an employee to set aside pre-tax dollars for dependent care expenses.

Can I submit a receipt for a cup of coffee and a doughnut at the airport?

Yes, if you are traveling for business purposes and are within the per diem guidelines for the area in which you are traveling.

What should I do if I lose a receipt or if I cannot obtain an itemized receipt?

In most cases vendors are familiar with the receipt requirement for businesses and will provide a receipt. Most vendors also have the ability to provide a replacement receipt. For those unusual situations where a receipt is not available, documentation of the date; location; cost; persons attending and business purpose of an expense is required to fulfill IRS business expense reporting requirements.


Can I purchase office supplies online?

Yes, once you have been authorized and a password has been set up for you. The password will be given to you upon setup. We are currently using Innovative Office Solution as the on-line vendor. Call Randie, Purchasing Manager, at ext. 4178 for more information.

What services are available from other departments?

Print Services offers high volume duplicating services utilizing high-speed digital photocopiers at very competitive rates. They work closely with Mail Services and the Campus Post Office to coordinate the printing and distribution of College materials.

Facilities Management will assist you if you need office furniture. Please submit a Facilities Work Order with your needs and they will contact you on possible options.

Catering Services is available to help you plan the perfect menu for your event. They are available for consultation and advice and can be contacted at x5430.

How do I buy the goods and services I need to perform my job?

Carleton end users purchase goods and services by determining the products and the suppliers that will afford the college the “best value.” Their purchases are made with a Purchasing Visa card, Purchase Order Request Form, or reimbursement of employee personal funds.

When do I need to have a formal contract rather than use a purchase order?

A purchase order is a contract with terms and conditions that are associated with it and it is used for purchases of deliverable goods, continuing services (e.g., software licenses, etc). A formal contract should be used if there is more risk involved, if the amount of money involved is high or when it is prudent to detail specific negotiated terms and conditions, including a Statement of Work within a legally binding document.

What is “best value” and how is it determined?

Best value means the optimum combination of economy and quality to achieve the objectives of the end user and the college. To determine this optimum combination, decisions must be made on some pre-purchase evaluation criteria pertaining to specific purchases. There are different guidelines for purchasing goods and services as well as special services like consulting or professional services from architects. These criteria might involve some or all of the following examples: price, quality, service after the sale, reputation of the vendor, delivery time, sustainability, cost for training or installation and even trade-in or surplus value when you are through using the item. The list can go on to include as many specific criteria for your purchase that is needed to make the evaluation.

Why do we get quotes or bid?

The purpose for getting quotes or bidding is to guarantee that Carleton always receives the best prices for quality goods and/or services. Allowing vendors to compete in an unbiased and open setting assures that we receive the best possible value. Refer to the Purchasing Manual for guidelines on when to get quotes. Remember not to disclose one vendor’s pricing to another vendor when you are in the process of getting the quotes.

Are there any contracts already in place that I can use?

Yes. Carleton is a member of these purchasing cooperatives:

These groups have contracts for office supplies, science supplies, rental cars, travel services, and other contracts that can be accessed.

Who do I call when I have a question regarding purchasing an item?

Call the Purchasing Manager at x4178 or the Administrative Assistant at x4843.

What is a purchase order?

A purchase order is the official and binding document issued to the vendor authorizing the expenditure of College funds for goods and services. The purchase order creates a “commitment” that will help you manage your budget. By using a purchase order, everyone involved in the purchase process can track the order by referring to the same purchase order number as a standard reference.

What is a standing order?

A standing or blanket order is used to purchase materials or services over an extended period of time, usually a minimum of one year, at set pricing. Contact the Purchasing Manager at ext. 4178 for a consultation to determine if this would be beneficial.

What is a Purchase Order Request Form?

A purchase order request form is used to initiate the purchase of goods or services. Someone in your department has authorization to approve the requisition and begin the purchasing process; contact the Purchasing Department for additional information x4178. Send the form to the Business Office, 1-BUSOFC, 109 Leighton.

Please be sure to provide the following information:

  • Required delivery date
  • Complete description of item(s) requested including model and part number (if available, quantity and/or unit of measure)
  • Estimated cost for each item suggested
  • Vendor name, address, telephone and fax numbers
  • Supporting documentation (if known)
  • Requisitioner’s and end user’s name and phone number (if available)
  • Special instructions regarding short lead time, funding limitations, special shipping requirements, whom you spoke with at the vendor’s office, or any other pertinent information you feel will assist us in handling your request.

Where can I get a Purchase Order Request form?

From the Business Office website, outside of the Business Office in Leighton 109 or contact the Administrative Assistant at ext. 4843.

What do I do with my Purchase Order Request form once it is filled out?

How long does it take to get a Purchase Order (PO) after submitting a Purchase Order Request form?

Purchasing processes all purchase requisitions within 24 hours unless more information is needed to complete the PO. In cases where more information is needed, the process is dependent upon the time needed to obtain the necessary information. If a Purchase Order Request Form is received in Purchasing before NOON, a PO will be mailed or faxed in the afternoon on the same day.

What is a maintenance agreement?

A maintenance agreement covers parts and labor on a single piece or multiple pieces of equipment for a specified period of time. Often, there will be an agreement or contract that the vendor will submit. If it’s a new maintenance agreement, you should request a quote. If it’s a renewal maintenance agreement, you may receive an invoice. Please include all documentation with the requisition. Please request a Certificate of Insurance listing Carleton College as additional insured for any labor that is done at Carleton.

How do I create a Purchase Order Request for something already received?

You cannot create a Purchase Order Request for a delivery date which has passed. Use a Vendor Payment Request Form to process payment.

How do I return an item?

Contact the vendor if you need to return an item. Following are the steps taken to return merchandise:

  • Do not write on the outside of the box as this may void your return option.
  • Department contacts the vendor for return information.
  • Vendor will give Department the pickup information.
  • Item is returned.
  • Vendor ships new item, if required.

Who do I call about warranty repairs?

When purchasing an item with a warranty, be sure to keep a copy of the item packing slip for proof of purchase. Warranty repair is not always performed by the original supplier. If you are unsure about whom to call for service, call the purchasing agent responsible for the original purchase.

How do I receive an order?

Inspect the contents of the package for any damage and cross check the contents against the “packing list” inside. The packing list will give an itemized list of what is in the package. If there is a discrepancy between the “packing list” and the actual contents, contact the vendor for their instructions on how to proceed. Refrain from writing on the package as this may void your return option. If the “packing list” and contents match, sign your copy of the Purchase Order and return it to Melissa Smith, 1-BUSOFC, 109B Leighton, so the order can be received in the College’s financial system and the invoice will be paid.

Where can I get our Tax Exempt Certificate?

The Tax Exempt Certificate can be found under Business Office Forms.

What is our Federal Tax ID number?

The Federal Tax ID number for Carleton College is 41-0694747.

What are Carleton College’s purchasing terms?

Generally, Carleton College likes to work with a 30-day billing cycle (net 30) or with a standard discount (2% net 10). However, we can accommodate other terms when necessary.

Purchasing Card Program

What is a Purchasing Card?

Purchasing Cards are credit cards for Carleton faculty and staff to use for college business-related purchases.

Who may obtain a Purchasing Card?

Employees whose positions require them routinely to make purchases on behalf of the college are candidates to obtain a purchasing card.

Is the Purchasing Card easy to use?

Purchasing cards are a convenient, cost effective method of procurement which reduces processing costs and simplifies the reimbursement procedure through use of an online web-portal (CCER). Transaction information is available in a timely manner and it is easy to monitor charges as they post to your account.

What is the business address assigned to the purchasing card?

The business address for all cardholders is One North College Street, Northfield, MN 55057-4001. Use this billing address for online and phone orders. If the vendor is shipping a product, provide them a separate ship to address for delivery to your location on campus.

Why not simply use POs?

The Purchasing Department is attempting not only to simplify the purchasing process, but to reduce total acquisition costs. The Purchasing Department believes the use of the purchasing card will provide our internal customers with greater flexibility, simplify the procurement process and reduce total acquisition costs.

Can I use my Purchasing Card at the Bookstore?

Although the Bookstore will accept the Carleton Purchasing Card for payment, the College incurs merchant fees for each transaction processed. In support of reducing costs, departmental charges are the preferred method of purchasing in order to minimize merchant fees.

What if I unintentionally charge a personal item to my Purchasing Card?

You should mark the charge as personal within the Wells Fargo CCER System by clicking the check box under the “Personal” column for that transaction. Marking a transaction as personal eliminates the need to write a check or submit cash for reimbursement. It is deducted directly from the personal bank account you have on file within your Wells Fargo profile around the 15th of the month. If your statement has already been approved, you cannot mark the transaction as personal in Wells Fargo. You can submit your cash or check made payable to Carleton College to the Business Office. Please include the original account number that was charged.

What should I do if my Purchasing Card is lost or stolen?

Contact the Wells Fargo toll free number immediately at 1-800-932-0036. They will close your lost card and reissue a new one.

How long after ordering a Purchasing Card should I expect to receive it?

First, your new card request must be approved by your approver or program administrator before it is submitted to Wells Fargo. If Wells Fargo receives the request before 5:00 p.m. PT, it will be processed that evening and the card will be shipped in five to seven business days. Saturday or Sunday orders will be processed on Monday evening.

How should I handle the Purchasing Card statement reconciliation process if I am out of town?

If you have access to the internet, please review your transactions in the Wells Fargo CCER site and submit your paperwork and receipt upon your return to the College.

How do I request a temporary or permanent Purchasing Card limit increase?

Submit a formal email request to the Program Administrator. Within the text of your email include the reason for the increase, the funding source, the limit increase amount and duration needed. Copy your approving manager on the request. Once all of the applicable approvals have been received, the credit limit change will be effective immediately.

What is the Purchasing Card reconciliation process?

If you have transactions on your purchasing card, you will be prompted through a series of email communications to complete your review each month on the Wells Fargo CCER website. The reconciliation process includes reclassifying transactions to appropriate account codes, adding informative descriptions and marking your statement as reviewed online. Upload your documentation electronically and complete the online cardholder review before the period deadline (generally by the 8th of the month). For a detailed listing of due dates see the Purchasing Card Program page.

How do I review Purchasing Card transactions as they post?

You do not have to wait for the month to end to review your charges in CCER. If you would like to view current charges as they are posted through the VISA system select Manage Statements > View Cycle-to-Date in the navigation bar. You can reclassify transactions in the cycle-to-date screen before the end of the statement cycle.

When will Purchasing Card statements be available to review?

Statements will be available to review the day after the end date of a statement. The end date for a statement is the last day of a statement period when transactions can be posted (end of the month). The actual statements are generated the next business day unless the end date falls on a weekend or on a Monday; then the statement is generated the following Tuesday. Cardholders will receive an email informing them their statement is ready.

Why can’t I see the “Statement Reviewed” button?

To complete the cardholder review you must electronically select the “Statement Reviewed” button. You can only do this step during the review period (8 calendar day window after cycle has ended). You will receive an email notification from Wells Fargo when it is time to review your statement.

Once you have received the email notification from Wells Fargo, and after saving your changes in the reclassification screen, you must click on Return to Charges – Manage Charges in the upper left-hand corner of the screen so that you will be able to click on the “Statement Reviewed” button. The “Statement Reviewed” button is not available if you are accessing your transactions through the “View Cycle-To-Date” menu.

Why can’t I see the “Approve Statement” button?

Approvers must wait until Cardholders have electronically acknowledged their statement is reviewed before the “Approve Statement” button will be available. If your cardholder does not electronically acknowledge that the statement is reviewed by clicking on “Statement Reviewed” during the 8 calendar days you will be able to access the “Approve Statement” button during the Approver Period (Generally from 9th-12th of the month).

How do I print my Purchasing Card statement?

After confirming that all account codes and transaction notes are correct, click on the Statement Reviewed button and proceed with printing your Wells Fargo Statement. Click on Print Version located in the upper right-hand corner of the web page to print your statement. Submit this statement with attached receipts to your approver. If you submit all of your receipt documentation electronically, there is no need to print and submit the paper copy of your statement.

What is my Purchasing Card Unique ID and when do I need to use it?

Each Cardholder has been assigned a Unique ID, which is your Carleton Employee ID. This number can be found on your pay advice on the HUB or on the Campus Services OneCard Dashboard. Employees hired after 5/16/2012 will also find their ID printed on the back of their OneCard. You must know this number to retrieve your User ID and Temporary password from the welcome emails and is also used for card activation and customer service calls.

How do I check my available credit?

Login to CCER and Select User information > Personal Profile in the navigation bar. You can see your current available credit under the Account Parameters section near the bottom of the web page. Or call the Wells Fargo toll-free number 24/7 at 1-800-932-0036 to obtain available credit. You must provide your Unique ID to obtain information.

How do I switch between Cardholder/Reconciler/Approver Roles?

You can change roles easily by selecting the role type on the upper left corner of the page. If you do not have multiple roles, this feature is not available.

How are expense codes assigned to transactions within CCER?

Wells Fargo CCER automatically assigns general ledger expense codes to transactions based on the Merchant Category Code (MCC). We are only able to match one expense code to each MCC field. These codes will not always be a perfect match, but if necessary cardholders can update the expense code to a different account code through the reclassification screen.

What is the Cross Border Transaction Fee?

Wells Fargo charges a cross border transaction fee which applies when a cardholder makes a single currency purchase at a foreign country merchant. Anyone making online, telephone or in-person purchases from vendors that use foreign banks and whose credit card issuer passes transaction fees onto the customer will incur this charge. This shows up as a separate line item on your statement because disclosure laws require financial institutions to transparently provide this information to the user.

Under what circumstance will a transaction using the purchasing card be declined?

The purchasing card will be declined if:

  1. The cardholder has exceeded the designated transaction, daily or monthly limit.
  2. The cardholder attempts to use the card for a blocked supplier category
  3. The incorrect expiration date or security code is used
  4. The card has not been activated
  5. The card has expired
  6. The card has been placed in a temporary fraud hold status due to unusual activity
  7. The incorrect billing address was supplied to the merchant

What should I do if my Purchasing Card is declined by the supplier?

Verify that the information furnished to the vendor is correct. Verify that your purchase did not exceed your cardholder limits. If the information is correct and you did not exceed your limits, contact Wells Fargo Business purchasing Service Center at 800-932-0036. Be prepared to supply your Unique ID for verification.

Can fuel for personal vehicles be purchased with the Purchasing Card?

No, fuel for personal vehicles is not allowed on the purchasing card. Employees should request reimbursement for business miles driven with a personal vehicle using the prevailing rate via the Wells Fargo Out Of Pocket portal. Fuel purchased for rental vehicles is are allowed to be charged to the Purchasing Card.

When are purchasing cards canceled and how is the cancellation handled?

Purchasing cards are canceled in the event of an employee departure, or if the duties of your position no longer require access to a card. Serious or repeated misuse or abuse of the purchasing card will also result in cancellation.

The Purchasing Card Program Administrator must be notified to initiate card cancellation. The card should be destroyed and final receipts and documentation must be submitted to the department purchasing card reconciler.

What is a Chip & PIN card?

It is a credit card that includes microchip technology and a personal identification number (PIN) to verify the cardholder. Chip & PIN technology is found primarily in foreign countries, but U.S. merchants are expected to have chip-enabled terminals in the near future.

How do I use my Chip & PIN card?

The Wells Fargo Chip & PIN purchasing cards can be used at both chip-enabled and traditional magnetic stripe terminals. To complete transactions at chip-enabled terminals, cardholders will be prompted to insert their card and provide a PIN, or their signature. Once the transaction is complete, the cardholder must retrieve their card from the terminal. If the credit card terminal is not chip-enabled, cardholders will swipe their card at the point of sale, just as they do today.

How will I know if a retailer has a chip-enabled terminal?

Some terminals that can accept chip cards may have a sign or logo identifying them as chip-enabled. You can always ask the retailer if you are unsure.

What are the benefits of using a Chip & PIN card?

Chip technology will increase the security of credit card transactions. The embedded microchip encrypts your account information, making it difficult to duplicate, copy, or access.

How do I set up my PIN on my Chip & PIN card?

You will be prompted to set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) upon activation of your purchasing card. You will need your unique identification number (last four digits of your Employee ID# found on your pay advice on the HUB) available for card activation.

What should I do if I cannot remember my PIN?

If you forget your PIN, you should call 1-800-932-0036 and follow the prompts to reset your PIN. You will need your unique identification number (last four digits of your Employee ID# found on your pay advice on the HUB) available for account verification.


What are the guidelines for dining and beverage expenses when traveling?

Meals for employees while away on College business will be reimbursed including one alcoholic beverage if this is your chosen beverage with a meal. Dining expenses should be in alignment with the standard per diem rates (determined by location) found on the government website. The College does not reimburse on a per diem basis, however, the meals and incidental expense rates for federal government employees provide a reasonable standard. In cases of reimbursement requests for business meals for others (guests of the college) indicate the attendees along with the business reason for the meal.

How do I book my travel?

To avoid processing fees, it is recommended that use book your flight directly with the airline. Alternatively you may use a travel site to book your flight or use the local approved vendor Bursch Travel (507-645-4458) to assist with your travel arrangements. Delta flights should be booked through Delta website and add the Carleton Sky-Bonus account number US268432682 on the “Passenger Information” screen or if using a travel agent, request that they place the SkyBonus number on your reservation.

Should I purchase travel insurance for my flight?

Faculty and staff traveling on business, either domestically or abroad are covered by the College’s Insurance Policy. This coverage applies only to trips on College business, not for a traveler’s personal travel. The cost of additional travel insurance secured for personal preference is not reimbursable. International trips that are not Off-Campus Studies programs should be recorded with the International Travel record in order to ensure adequate insurance coverage has been provided for the duration of the trip.

When is it permissible to drive instead of fly?

Air travel is recommended when time is a factor or when the cost of other methods of transportation is substantially higher or when the length of the trip is so long that it is the most practical means of transportation. Refer to the Use of Personal Vehicle Form when analyzing the most cost-effective method of transportation.

Can I rent a vehicle for business travel?

If you are an approved College driver, you can rent a vehicle for business purposes. The College recommends the State of Minnesota contract through Enterprise/National for rentals with contract pricing which includes insurance.

Can I rent a 15-passenger van for College business?

No, the largest vehicle that can be rented is a 12-passenger van and you need to be an approved driver AND an approved 12-passenger vehicle driver.

Should I accept the additional insurances that car rental agencies offer?

If you are an approved College driver, you can rent a vehicle for business purposes. The College recommends the State of Minnesota contract through Enterprise/National for rentals with contract pricing which includes insurance.

Are meal receipts required?

All expenses require receipts. When a receipt is not available, IRS documentation requirements still apply. You will need a record of the date, location, cost, attendees, and business purpose for the meal.

I have lost my receipts, what do I need to do?

If you lose your receipt, first make every effort to contact the vendor for a duplicate copy. If this is not possible then you must provide the transaction date, the dollar amount and a detailed description of the purchase including the business purpose.

What is the Mileage Rate?

The current mileage rate is printed on the Payment Request Form available from the Carleton Business Office website.

How is business mileage substantiated for reimbursement?

Mileage reimbursement documentation must include a print out from Google Maps detailing the miles traveled and route taken or attach a detailed mileage log to support the miles traveled.

How soon do I have to submit a Payment Request for travel expense reimbursements?

The IRS requires that reimbursements must be processed within 60 days following the event or trip or they are subject to taxation.

How do I get reimbursed for out of pocket foreign currency transactions?

To be reimbursed for out-of-pocket foreign currency expenses incurred while traveling internationally, utilize a currency calculator site such as XE and OANDA to convert the foreign currency into US dollars. Attach a copy of the foreign currency conversion information, showing the date and rate used, to your Payment Request providing corroboration of the reimbursement amount.

Student Organizations

How do I find out my CSA program account number?

If you are an officer, you can log on the Group Administration Page on the CSA website. Go to Group Profile, scroll down to Internal Information. You can also contact the CSA treasurer.

How do I get reimbursed by CSA?

A Student Org. payment request must be filled out with applicable backup. Your group’s president or treasurer must sign the request. It must also be signed by the CSA treasurer and Student Activities.

How long does it take to get reimbursed by CSA?

PLAN AHEAD! Checks are processed weekly so plan up to two weeks to receive payment. Complete the entire payment request form. Obtain necessary signatures and attach original receipts to ensure a prompt reimbursement. Signed credit card slips do not qualify as acceptable backup. Get the actual receipt when paying with your credit card.

Where do I find the CSA check request forms?

Student Org. check request forms can be found outside the Business Office, at the CSA office in Sayles and on the Business Office Forms page.

When do I need the CSA treasurer’s signature on a payment request?

The CSA treasurer must sign ALL payment requests.

How do I get a budget report for my CSA program?

One budget manager is set up for each group. Budget managers can view their budgets on the Hub.

Is it possible to use a college credit card for large CSA purchases?

Student Activities will assist with larger purchases, on-line purchases, hotel reservations, etc. using a Carleton VISA card.

How does a CSA bring a speaker/entertainer to campus?

A contract is necessary, contact Student Activities staff for assistance. A student cannot enter into a contract with a performer on behalf of the college or an organization. The college must have a W9 on file for the visitor in order for them to be paid. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD. Payments can take up to two weeks.