Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an ongoing process designed to inform and support strategic decision making.  It is our goal to effectively identify and manage risk within our campus community. 

The ERM process at Carleton involves:

  • Risk identification – everyone at Carleton is part of the risk identification process.  Risks can be small (i.e. tripping hazards) or large (i.e. global pandemic).  Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to raise risk related questions at any time.  The Carleton Safety Committee will often identify enterprise risk.
  • Risk assessment – designated risk owners actively evaluate risks as they are identified based on their area of experience and expertise.  These risk owners will frequently communicate with and engage subject area experts from around campus to secure support for the risk evaluation of likelihood/frequency of a risk event.

Risk AreaDesignated Risk Owner/Subject Area Expert
Academic Affairs and ResearchMichelle Mattson
AdmissionsArt Rodriguez, Danielle Hayden, Adam Webster
Board Governance Elise Eslinger, Kristin Lucas
Environmental Health & SafetyElisabeth Haase, Joe Udelhofen, Kevin Dodge
External RelationsDan Rustad, Becky Zrimsek, Helen Clarke
FacilitiesLinda Weingarten, Mitch Miller, Jay Stadler
Financial Eric Runestad, Linda Thornton, Jane Rizzo, Jesse Cashman
Human ResourcesKerstin Cardenas
Information TechnologyJanet Scannell, Kendall George, Dan Stephans
InvestmentKelsey Deshler
Off Campus StudiesHelena Kaufman
Physical Education, Athletics and RecreationGerald Young, Heidi Jaynes
SecurityJesse Cashman, Blake Held
Student Affairs Carolyn Livingston
  • Risk Owners will also initiate the research and implementation of risk controls and mitigation plans.  They may also introduce new initiatives to ensure the college is embracing opportunities and innovation.
  • Risk reports are prepared and presented annually to the Leadership Team and Board of Trustees Audit Committee to document our efforts to continuously monitor and track the effectiveness of our risk management program.

Enterprise Risk Management Contact Information:

Randie Johnson
Purchasing & Risk Manager