Congrats! You’re a Budget Manager, Now What!?

Our department Budget Managers are expected to monitor their operating budget on a monthly basis to ensure:

  • Charges posted to their account(s) are correct
  • Annual spending will not exceed the total available budget
  • Spending is used to support departmental and institutional strategic priorities

The Business Office and Budget Office work together to help departments manage their financial data. Please visit the budget office website if you have questions regarding account access, posted transactions, or other Hub reports.

NOTE: Budget Manager tasks will migrate to our new administrative system, Workday, January 2023. Training and more information will be provided in the coming months.

The Carleton Business Office is dedicated to serving the financial needs of the college and helps to support overall operations by providing friendly and efficient financial services to students, faculty and staff. Students may pay tuition, room & board, and other miscellaneous fees at the office. The Business Office also processes payroll, vendor invoice payments, and employee travel and expense reimbursements.

This website provides information regarding policies, procedures, forms, and answers to frequently asked questions.