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imagemap example

There are two kinds of imagemaps -- server side and client side. Client side imagemaps are more compact and easier to use, and most browsers support them now, so that's what we're recommending.


John Burridge as The Renaissance Angler

Three parts of this picture are defined as "hot spots" -- John's head, the fish, and the card in his hand.

The significant HTML for this page looks like this:

<IMG SRC="john.gif" USEMAP="#the map">

<MAP NAME="the map">
<AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="53,10, 130,84" HREF=map-head.html>
<AREA SHAPE="POLY" COORDS="44,167, 86,139, 136,41, 157,44, 128,141, 66,194, 44,167" HREF=map-fish.html>
<AREA SHAPE="POLY" COORDS="10,195, 3,223, 31,236, 37,209, 10,195" HREF=map-note.html>

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