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This page, and the links it contains, should provide all the information you need to get started creating pages for yourself or your department.

Departmental Pages

If you're interesting in creating web pages for your academic or administrative department, please contact your computing service provider. Your contact person will explain the process for setting up and maintaining web pages for your department and show you how to use the departmental builders pages.

Personal Pages

Anyone with account space on the Academic Netware web server (Fifi) can create a personal web page. All you need is a familiarity with HTML (the mark-up language used to create web pages) and a bit of disk space.

Resources for Web Builders

The policy governing publication on Carleton's Web server

Small Carleton-related images to use on your pages.

Copyright issues for web pages

Announcements, Hints, and New Services

Don't confuse your Carletons!
Read about our agreement with Carleton University on naming practices.
How to use location-sensitive pictures and maps in your pages. Check out my rather silly example for details.

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