Nucleus Newsletter Fall '23 Week 3
  • Come test your knowledge and face off against fellow biology interested students at Biology Department Trivia! Questions span across the curriculum and pop culture, from geography to giraffes! All class years are welcome.

    Monday, 9/25, 3:30 pm, Olin 141

  • We want everyone to feel welcome, because everyone deserves to feel welcome at Carleton, and in Biology. That’s why our community is dedicated to supporting and including persons historically excluded from STEM on the basis of ethnicity and race (PEERs, for short). Our PEER mentors are students who foster inclusive fun and provide a support network for students from historically underrepresented groups. This event will be a crafty and delicious opportunity to meet this year’s PEER advisors, Wanying Na and Shreya Nair. All class years are welcome, especially first year students who are just starting to navigate STEM at Carleton!

  • “Chasing Microbes Down the Rabbit Hole.” Inspired by the era of bioterrorism and biodefense, Dr. Banks was intrigued by the ubiquitous threat of infectious diseases. Her desire to help fight these pathogens has led her from biology into biophysics and computational chemistry. Her current quest to fight rotavirus infection follows this trend by pushing the boundaries of AI, molecular dynamics simulations, and more.

    Monday, 10/2 at 3:30 pm in 141 Olin.