Your comps paper should be archived in two ways: 

1. Archive your comps paper in the Biology Department

Upload your final revised version to the Comps Moodle page as a PDF, after you have received notification from the faculty that you have passed your Comps.  

2. Archive your comps paper in the Gould Library Digital Commons

Carleton has instituted a college-wide policy to create an electronic archive of all comps. Students self-submit their work with the guidance of their department. Descriptive information about each comps paper is available to search or browse, but access to the full text of works is limited to the original author of the work, current Carleton faculty, and faculty-approved Carleton students and staff. You can submit it here on the Gould Library website.

Requirements for Your Submission
  1. PDF version of your file.
    • The name of the file has to be in the following format: “username_YYYY_deptcode.pdf” So an example for Biology would be “mrand_2021_BIOL.pdf”. (The username is the one used for your Carleton e-mail address.)
  2. You will need to think up some keywords. These can include words in the title as well as any other descriptors that might be helpful for a search.  If you need help, consider using keywords that appeared in your most influential papers. 
  3. The submission form asks for an Abstract, but we have decided that Bio comps will not have an Abstract, so you can leave this blank.
  4. Comps documents that are submitted without complete identifying information will not be able to be archived!

Questions? Contact Maia Larsgaard.