At the time of your oral presentation, your committee chair will arrange for a time to meet with you to learn what the committee has decided. This meeting usually will be within one “business day” from the presentation. That is, if the talk is given from Monday through Thursday, the meeting typically would take place the next day. If the talk is given on a Friday, the meeting might have to take place the following Monday.

The synopsis, bibliography, oral presentation, and question period will be the basis upon which a decision of Distinction, Pass, or Failure of the Senior Integrative Exercise will be made. Format, correct English usage, spelling, punctuation, number of typographical errors, etc. will be considered in the decision.

If the committee determines that further work is required to pass comps, the student may be required to prepare and submit additional work after the oral presentation. This work can be of various forms, including further written work, another oral presentation, or a second question period. 

Notification of Distinction in Comps will be made after all examinations and comps requirements are completed in the spring term.