In some cases, it is necessary for Biology majors to do an accelerated comps (i.e., completing both the paper and presentation in one term). For example, seniors wishing to study abroad during winter term of their senior year occasionally do accelerated comps during fall term.

Biology majors wishing to do an accelerated comps must submit an email request to to the comps coordinator, Rika Anderson, and copy their assigned comps advisor on the email. The request should state the reason for doing an accelerated comps and the term in which comps will be completed.

Except in extraordinary circumstances, no student will be allowed to do an accelerated comps during their last term enrolled at Carleton.

Deadlines for progress toward completion of comps will be outlined and scheduled by the comps advisor in consultation with the second reader. The department requires that both the paper and the presentation are completed by 4:00 pm on the last day of classes for the term in which the student undertakes accelerated comps.