Biology Department Integrative Exercise

The senior comprehensive project, or “Comps”, is the capstone of every Carleton student’s path through their major. These pages contain the definitive set of requirements and instructions, and should be consulted as questions arise during the course of your comps work. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Jennifer Wolff, who will be working with seniors on the Biology comps requirement for the year.

There are three requirements that must be completed successfully to pass Biology comps:

  1. Submit a synopsis and bibliography that addresses the question you’ve chosen from the list provided. This written assignment is due at the end of your first comps term. There are a number of deadlines on your path to submitting your paper. See Step-by-Step Instructions for more detailed information.
  2. Make an oral presentation of approximately 25 minutes, based on your answer to the chosen question. The presentation is immediately followed by 30 minutes of questions from the two members of your faculty committee. This takes place in the first half of the second term of your comps.
  3. Fulfill the seminar requirement by attending 10 research-related talks. This requirement is generally fulfilled by attending the weekly Biology Department visiting speakers series held Monday afternoons from 3:30-4:30 PM. Majors may start attending the visiting speakers seminars during the Fall Term of junior year, and should plan to start attending no later than Fall Term of senior year (no matter which term you are writing your synopsis).