Wake Forest University School of Medicine: Biomedical Engineering and Informatics Summer Research Experience Internship Program

12 January 2023

Our 10-week internship program from May 29 – August 4, 2023, offers research opportunities focused on Imaging and Mechanics-based Projects on Accidental Cases of Trauma (IMPACT) and Culturally Augmented Learning In Biomedical Informatics Research (CALIBIR), and many other topics, including:

  • Injury prediction modeling
  • Finite element modeling applied to trauma
  • Military, sports, and spaceflight safety
  • Osteoporosis prevention
  • Biomechanical injury mechanisms
  • Diagnostics and therapies for cancer patients
  • Medical device testing and prototyping
  • Biomedical informatics and data science
  • Imaging and artificial intelligence
  • Development and use of machine learning-based algorithms
  • Academic Learning Health Care Systems

Underrepresented minorities and students from colleges with limited research opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are highly encouraged to apply.

Apply online! Applications open October 12, 2022, and close January 25, 2023.

Summer REU brochure
Summer REU opportunity