Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

3 January 2023

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) is the only unit of the Smithsonian Institution based outside of the USA, and next year we celebrate 100 years of science in Panama. We have about 35 permanent scientists that range from behavioral to plant and animal ecology, molecular evolution, anthropology and archaeology, physiology, geology and paleontology — mainly the elements needed to understand the ecology and evolution of biological and cultural diversity in the tropics.

Join our active scientific community for an amazing, hands-on research experience in the tropics. Internships offer a way-in for undergraduates, recent graduates and beginning graduate students and provides a provides a stipend and airfare. You’ll also learn more about the research process, scientists get to know you, leading to future opportunities.

STRI General Internship Program

Competitive program, funded by the Smithsonian and generous donors, open to all nationalities.
Deadlines are February 15 and September 15 of each year.
Duration Three months.
Program dates Applicants will be notified of acceptance into the program approximately 6-8 weeks after each application deadline. Internships usually begin approximately two months after notification of acceptance into the program, but the start date is flexible.

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