Semester in Environmental Science at Woods Hole

1 April 2019

Apply for a semester in environmental science during Fall 2019 at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. The program focuses on biogeochemistry and the dynamics of global change by contrasting forest ecosystems with freshwater ponds and estuaries. Throughout the semester, students will spend about 20 hrs/week doing hands-on work in the field and lab in teams.

Curriculum consists of:

  • Two core courses in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems science
  • An elective (either microbial methods in ecology or mathematical modeling of ecosystems)
  • An introduction to writing about science for the general public in a science journalism seminar
  • An independent research project in the final 6 weeks of the program

For more information on the program and application, email The Carleton deadline for declaring intent to study away is April 18.


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