Research Assistant Internship in the Escolano Lab at the Wistar Institute (application deadline 3/10/24)

1 March 2024

The Escolano Lab investigates the use of sequential immunization as a novel vaccination strategy aiming to induce broadly neutralizing antibodies against highly diverse viruses. Using HIV-1 as a model virus, state-of-the-art technologies, and animal models including wild-type mice, transgenic mice, and rhesus macaques, the laboratory studies the humoral and cellular immune responses to sequential immunization. The goal of this research is to identify guidelines for the design of vaccination approaches to induce long-lasting protection against highly mutating viruses in humans.

This opportunity is brought to you by a Carleton alumnus, Caroline Boroughs ’20. You are welcome to reach out to Caroline at with any questions about the organization or position prior to applying.

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