Positions for Ph.D. Students at Duke University

11 November 2019

The Duke Acoustofluidics Group is inviting the most motivated, talented Ph.D. candidates to join them in 2020. They conduct research at the interface of physics, engineering, micro/nano technology, chemistry, and biomedicine.

The graduate students from the group have been recognized with more than 100 awards for research achievements. After graduation, former Ph.D. students and postdocs have received tenured or tenure-track faculty positions at numerous research universities around the world.

The group recruits Ph.D. candidates who honor the core values of (1) diligence; (2) innovation; and (3) collaboration. Candidates with strong background in physics or engineering to develop new technologies, as well as candidates with strong background in chemistry or biology to develop new applications for these technologies, are encouraged to apply. Candidates with excellent research training will have significant advantages.

To apply, please contact Prof. Tony Jun Huang (tony.huang@duke.edu) with your CV. For more information about the group, visit their website: https://acoustofluidics.pratt.duke.edu/