Opportunities at the Stowers Institute

2 November 2021

The Stowers Institute is a non-profit biomedical research organization dedicated to improving human health by studying the fundamental processes of life. The Graduate School of the Stowers Institute has three educational programs: a PhD in biology, Summer Scholars program for undergraduates, and Research Scholars post-baccalaureate program for diverse candidates.

They are currently accepting applications for the PhD in biology program. The deadline to submit is December 1, 2021. They do not require GED, or GPA, and there is no application fee. They offer research programs in: chromatin and regulation of gene expression, chromosome structure and cell division, computational biology, modeling and technology, developmental genetics and cell biology, developmental neuroscience, and stem cells and regeneration.

Their state-of-the-are core facilities enable their researchers to take advantage of readily available expertise. Please check out their program at www.stowers.org/gradschool. There is also an upcoming live information upcoming via Zoom, to be held Thursday, November 18th at 4 pm CST. You can register here to attend.

The Summer Scholars program is also currently accepting applications. Over the course of the 8-week program, scholars will conduct full-time research under the guidance and supervision of the laboratory read or senior member of the lab. Some of the benefits include a $4,000 stipend, accommodations near the Stowers campus, ad round-trip transportation between school and Kansas City. For more information, visit https://www.stowers.org/gradschool/scholars.

If you are interested in a mentored 1-year post baccalaureate research fellowship, please consider applying to their Research Scholars Program. Through guided research and academic career mentoring, this program aims to increase the number of NIH-defined underrepresented students in fundamental biological research. For more information, visit https://www.stowers.org/gradschool/research-scholars.