Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) Fellowship

5 May 2023

We seek a student to assist with: analyzing the crayfish life history data; graphically displaying the results; and writing a manuscript for submission to a scientific journal. They will be involved in the following research activities:

  • Read scientific papers about crayfish life history
  • Analyze and graph life history data
  • Lead or participate in writing a manuscript,
  • Opportunity Title: USFS Analysis and Interpretation of Crayfish Life History
  • Data Research Opportunity

Learning Objectives:
The intern will learn about crayfish biology, ecology, and life history. They will gain experience in analyzing life history data and crafting the results into a scientific manuscript. The intern could potentially be co-lead or junior author on one peer-reviewed publication. 

Under the guidance of a mentor, the participant will be involved in the following research activities:

  • Opportunity to author or co-author a peer-reviewed scientific paper.
  • Network with aquatic ecologists, fisheries biologists, and astacologists.
  • Demonstrate and improve quantitative skills and to refine writing skills.
  • Learn through research participation about working with the US Forest Service.