Medical Associate position in San Francisco

19 October 2022

Close Concerns, a healthcare information company that advocates for people with diabetes, seeks undergraduate applicants for its two-year Associate Program, based in San Francisco.

The Associate Program gives new college graduates unparalleled exposure to the ‘real world’ of healthcare and business, significant work experience and responsibility, international travel, and built-in support for graduate school applications.

For candidates considering post-graduate studies, such as medical school, it is the best way to enhance your skills and knowledge, interact with healthcare leaders, and use a different part of your brain, all the while improving your chances of getting into a top graduate program. Our many talented alums have gone on to stellar careers in medicine, public health, and business.

This is a highly sought-after position — if you are interested, please apply now. The deadline is December 15, 2022, but applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and you are encouraged to apply early. Please do not apply through your school’s career portal — we will not receive these applications.

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