Lab Technician at University of Rochester Medical Center

2 December 2022

Postdoc Marlies Rossmann studies hematopoiesis and the role that transcription, metabolism and chromatin play in it, mostly using zebrafish as a model but also human cells. She is opening her lab at the Department of Biomedical Genetics within the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY. on Jan 1, 2023.

She has an immediate opening, as early as Jan 2023, for a laboratory technician. This person would be wearing a few hats, be responsible for the zebrafish colony (breeding, genotyping), help with daily lab business (like ordering & receiving, safety, etc.) and, most importantly, some experiments!

About the Lab

Our lab aims to understand the role of metabolism in differentiation of blood and other stem cells in the zebrafish model and human cells. To achieve our goal, we use cutting-edge molecular biology, biochemistry and genomics methods. We aspire to develop and improve drug therapies for patients with blood disorders and cancer.

Laboratory Technician II Position

We have an open position for a candidate with a strong biology background. You will perform a variety of molecular biology and genomics techniques, microinjections, microscopy, tissue culture, data analysis and zebrafish husbandry. We are fishing for highly motivated, intellectually curious team players with strong organizational and communication skills and an ability to work independently.


You will learn how to design and execute experiments using state-of-the-art technologies, providing an excellent opportunity to grow creatively as a scientist and to think critically about scientific questions. You will regularly give presentations and with your experiments, become an author on primary research papers. You will be trained in an inclusive lab environment by an enthusiastic mentor committed to preparing and advising you for the steps of your career.


Email your CV and cover letter to Marlies Rossmann.

Rossman lab posting