Big Cat Animal Care Internship

7 March 2023

Located in Eureka Springs Arkansas, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is striving to see the end of exotic animal exploitation and private ownership of big cats and bears within our lifetime. For application and more information, visit the Handshake application. Applications are due April 1.

Job Description

  • Work in an Accredited Animal Sanctuary– responsible for the daily care of tigers, lions, cougars, black bears, brown bears, leopards, servals, bobcats, hybrids, and a jaguar. Duties include animal husbandry, enrichment, and record-keeping of animal behavior.
    Prepare and Maintain Animal Housing– maintaining animal and customer safety through daily exhibit checks. Includes routine landscaping, cleaning habitats of underbrush, and providing animal enrichment.
  • Prepare Diets and Monitor Feeding– Prepare diets with consideration to specific animal needs, and monitor every animal’s food intake. Keep close records of every animal’s diet and physical health. Control food quality and hygiene standards of produce and meat.
  • Monitor and Maintain Animal Health– maintain daily records of animal behavior and health, identifying abnormal behavior and sign of illness. Administer daily medications. Prepare and keep quarantine areas for recent rescues.
  • Restrain and Assist in Moving Animals– assist animal care staff in relocating animals to more appropriate habitats. Follow all safety procedures in loading, unloading, and during the transport of animals.
  • Identify Behavioral Needs and Improve Husbandry– provide approved animal enrichment, including environmental and scent enrichment.
  • Maintain Exhibits and Assist Design- aid in designing and constructing ½-1-acre animal habitats. Maintain exhibits daily and detect/control pets.
  • Conduct Educational Information to Visitors– responsible for greeting customers and giving guided tours throughout the facility. Educate the public about each resident species and the direction of the facility’s future.

Compensation:$100 weekly food stipend and on-site housing (utilities, internet, washer & dryer, A/C & heat, and TV provided)