The Chinese placement exam includes a written exam and an oral interview during New Student Week. Please see the New Student Week schedule for the day and time of your exam. Exams typically take place in the Language and Dining Center.

EXCEPTION: If you grew up in a Mandarin-speaking family in China or Taiwan, and went to a Chinese-speaking school at least for elementary school, please do not go to the Chinese Placement Test. Instead, after the second week of classes, contact Professor Lin Deng to arrange an interview to determine exemption from the language requirement.

If you have questions, email Professor Lin Deng (LDC 216) or call 1-507-222-5425


This placement test is for students of all proficiency levels, from elementary through intermediate levels. It is used to determine which level you are at, so that you can most efficiently and effectively learn Japanese in the appropriate course.

The Japanese placement exam includes a written exam and an oral interview. The written exam will be administered online August 28th – September 5th.  You will sign up for the oral interview after completing the written test. Click to take the Japanese placement test.

If you have questions, e-mail Professor Noboru Tomonari at, or call 1-507-222-5955.