Are you interested in working as a math tutor at the Math Skills Center?

Minimum Qualifications of Math Skills Center Tutors:

You must have completed at least Calc III with a B+ or better and now be taking Linear Algebra, or you must have already completed Linear Algebra (Math 232) and gotten a B+ or better in your Linear Algebra class.

Job Description:

The main duty of a Math Skills Center tutor is to assist students who are having difficulty understanding a mathematical concept or concepts and are thus unable to solve the problem or problems they’re working on. The tutor must be comfortable with moving about the Lab and asking students how they are doing and if they need any help.

If help is requested, tutors must be able to fill in the mathematical background that the students lack and help them move forward in their efforts to solve the problem. These are mini-tutoring sessions, and once the students are able to move forward, the tutor moves on to assist others. As the tutors move about, they must always return to students they have helped earlier and make sure that the earlier problem was correctly solved and determine if the student has any additional questions or other problems that they are having trouble with.