The Light in Cuban Eyes!

22 January 2020
By Lita Theng ’23

With cozy sofas and vintage cuban vinyl waiting for you to sound out on the record players, books for you to sit, read, and talk about after you’ve looked at all the amazing photographs and films put on display — what are you waiting for?

This term, Zoe Adler, our amazing curator, has put up selections from the Madeleine P. Plonsker Collection of Contemporary Cuban Photography. The way the museum is set up really invites you to have meaningful discussions, and just immerse yourself in this piece of Cuban culture.

The gallery is one thing, but there is also a selection of films played on loop in the screening section of the exhibition. For me, the photos are not grand, in fact, they are special in their ordinary-ness because it gives me a glimpse into the celebration of the way of life of normal Cubans and the beauty of it all.

The gallery is opened, and soon we will have a celebration and talk with Plonsker and visiting artists on February 28 at 7.00 pm. Come join us! Until then, explore the exhibitions and feel free to immerse yourself in the arts.