Summer Dreams

26 January 2021

Carleton’s Department of Theater and Dance ventures online later this term with a live-streamed (masked, socially distanced) production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Directed by new faculty member Andrew Carlson, the online performances will take place February 19 – 21.

The cast for this venture includes:

  • Anna Hepler
  • Alli Palmbach
  • Bryn Battani
  • An Vong
  • Ali Purdum
  • Erin Watson
  • Tosh Le
  • Annie Leonard
  • Izzy Anderson
  • Molly Schwartz
  • Karina Yum
  • Elaina Boyle
  • Esme Krohn
  • Jaxon Alston
  • Lauren Bundy
  • Hannah Sheridan
  • Collin Preves
  • Becca Helmstetter

Links for this online reimagining of one of Shakespeare’s most beloved tales will be shared in early February.