Spectral Response: 30 min. film by Holly Streekstra

2 January 2018

Captured in Carleton’s Hill House, which was built in 1894, this 30-minute film follows a body’s exploration of domestic space. Countless renovations to the building have produced an interior filled with strangely shaped nooks and slanted doorways, columned fireplaces, looming stairways, and dormers. More than the architecture, though, Streekstra was attracted to the many personal and generational histories the house holds: if places gather and hold memories, how can art make visible, embody, such spectral traces? Working with a circus school student who specializes in contortionism, Streekstra aimed to heighten the sense of a strange but intimate domestic space. In Spectral Response, the house acts as the container and stage for the uncanny.

Running now through Jan. 13 in the Weitz Center’s Hamlin Creative Space.