Photo Preview: Weitz Center for Creativity

2 September 2011

All of campus is abuzz about Carleton’s newest and most innovative building, the Weitz Center for Creativity. But until just days ago, when the construction fence came down and the hardhats came off, few had been granted a glimpse inside.

Here’s a quick visual tour of the excitement to come when the doors open to the public September 16th.

Weitz Center for Creativity
The north entrance to the Weitz Center for Creativity. To the left, with skylight, is the Perlman Teaching Museum.


A courtyard unites the old building (1910) and the new (2011).


Art Gallery I
At 7,800 square feet, the Perlman Teaching Museum more than doubles Carleton’s former art gallery space.


The 250-seat performance theater is designed with movable (and removable) seating, allowing the the space to be reconfigured into a traditional proscenium, a thrust stage, a black-box theater, or whatever a production requires.


Dance Studio
Dance studio
Two dance studios provide instructional and rehearsal space, as well as performance space with a 100-seat retractable seating unit and full light grid.


Cinema Theater
 The 250-seat cinema theater features a THX-quality sound system.


 Video Studio
Cinema and Media Studies students and other Carleton moviemakers will appreciate the two video production studios, each complete with control room, camera equipment, and lighting grid.


The IdeaLab is a collaborative workspace that offers both specialized equipment and expert support for students and faculty working on projects, particularly those that involve visualizations, visual representations and audio.


The Weitz Center is also the new home for Carleton’s Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching (LTC). The LTC is a campus hub for conversations about teaching and learning, bringing together faculty and staff passionate about Carleton’s continued innovation in the classroom.

Opening the Doors

When can you experience the Weitz Center for Creativity yourself? The inaugural events are:

  • Monday, September 12th – Celebratory Reception and Open House (faculty, staff, and students).
  • Friday, September 16th – Opening Reception for the Perlman Teaching Museum exhibitions (public)
  • Saturday, September 17th – Community Open House (in partnership with the Northfield Downtown Development Committee)

Watch our arts events calendar for these and other Weitz Center for Creativity happenings.

Learn more about Carleton’s vision for the Weitz Center for Creativity.

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